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Chances and challenges of hybrid work

Hybrid Work – Chances and challenges of the new way of work

The fact that the term remote work will be with us in the future has been clear to many employees and managers at least since the pandemic. In the near future, more and more companies will have the opportunity to bring their employees back to the office. The exciting question now is: What will happen in the future? Because one thing is clear: employees would prefer hybrid working.

The experiences of the last two years have already given us an assessment of what challenges and what opportunities we face as a result of hybrid working.

Here we present the opportunities and risks of hybrid work and give you an outlook on where we think this form of working could develop.


Flexibility of employees

Employees have been able to pay more attention to other areas of their lives since the switch from office to working from home. For families, in particular, the changeover has been a great advantage. This should remain the case in the future, at least if employees have their way.

By freely arranging their working hours, employees can schedule their working hours in such a way that they can devote their time to other areas of their lives in the best possible way. At this point, it is important to establish rules within the team that defines when who wanted to be available, to still be able to maintain a work structure.

One possible solution to ensure a working structure in addition to flexibility is the introduction of a time tracking system. With this, you can record your working hours and assign them to the corresponding projects and tasks. You and your team can see who worked how long on which task. For you as a manager, a time tracking tool offers new evaluation possibilities for projects.

With timeghost to a better work-life balance

For the future work orientation in the sense of hybrid work, the software offers you the right project time tracking tool if you already work with one or more programs from M365. With the time tracking tool, you can see the working hours of your employees and evaluate them. For employees who want to take advantage of hybrid work, a time tracking tool is also a great benefit.

timeghost Dashboard in Microsoft Teams
timeghost Dashboard in Microsoft Teams

Your work-life balance is better ensured by tracking your working hours, as the tracking allows you to see exactly how long you have worked and, once you have reached the number of hours, you can more easily leave work and devote yourself to your family.

timeghost Timer in Microsoft Teams
timeghost Timer in Teams

The software is available as a collaborative app in the Microsoft Teams Store and is thus also integrated into the Microsoft365 cloud environment. This keeps you in one work environment and allows you to track your times within M365.

Productivity improvements

Employees can decide where they work by having the flexibility and freedom to decide for themselves which work environment, they are more productive in. Some employees are more productive in the office, whereas others do better from home in a quiet atmosphere. Ultimately, a win-win situation is created for both employee and company. The employee feels more comfortable, is more motivated, and at the same time more productive in performing their work.


Communication difficulties

Ensuring healthy, open communication is one of the biggest challenges with hybrid working. Working from home means we only see colleagues in meetings. Private and friendly exchanges are becoming less and less frequent due to the increasing shift to working from home. Yet interpersonal relationships are so important for successful collaboration.

Lack of or changing corporate culture as a result of communication barriers

Diminishing communication within the team, in turn, impacts employees’ willingness to devote their energy to the company. One more reason why the word “corporate culture” is becoming increasingly important.

With a corporate culture that every employee can identify with, you create the basis for successful collaboration, even when working from home. As a manager, you are the interface between the company and its employees and are responsible for instilling the corporate culture set by the company in the minds and hearts of its employees.

With the increasing shift to remote work or hybrid work, the approach to preserving corporate culture is changing. Perhaps the corporate culture needs to be brought into the minds and hearts of employees in a different way.

Tip: Keep in touch by using the digital tools and apps at your disposal and actively seeking contact with your employees. Have regular conversations to help them with their tasks.

Call your employees and talk to them every week to know what their current challenges are and how you can help them solve them.

Illustrate processes

In some cases, companies’ processes for successful hybrid working were already created during the pandemic. However, many organizations struggle in creating the technical requirements for a smooth transition to hybrid working.

Microsoft365 as a cloud-based working environment for successful remote work

With the targeted use of the right software, you can map the processes and workflows of your team and adapt them individually to the needs of your company. Microsoft365 offers a great environment for you and your team.

Microsoft365 hybrid work environment

With this system, you can map most of the processes that you need for successful work in your team or company. The access to the Office applications, as well as the countless extension and individualization options, make the Microsoft365 work environment one of the most powerful programs for your company.

Microsoft365 offers you a wide range of applications and services to build your hybrid work environment. Here you can see how the M365 work environment is structured and what options you have when using it.

Role of hybrid work in the future

The last two years have forced us to increasingly switch to remote work. This has opened new doors, especially for employees. We have integrated a new work model that brings a lot of benefits, especially for employees and therefore also for the company. New programs have shown how effective we can be without working out of the office.

Hybrid work will become increasingly common in the coming months, allowing employees to work both in the office and from home. More and more companies will get a taste for hybrid work.

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