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Project management - 4 Tools to solve 4 challenges for project teams

Project management – 4 Tools to solve 4 challenges of project teams

Project management brings many challenges. The success of projects comes from overcoming the many challenges that arise during the project while still working effectively. Many project managers will recognize the magic triangle. Deadlines – Costs – Performance. The coordination of these factors determines the success or failure of projects.

We help you to optimize these three points and give you 4 tools for 4 challenges you have in the daily realization of your projects. We believe that these programs will give you a significant boost in productivity and process optimization – especially if you can connect them through automated workflows.

1. Communication

Good communication is the foundation of a project’s success. The increasing shift to hybrid working means that project managers have to pay even more attention to good, regular communication.

The project manager’s main role is to be the initiator. He/she must be the one who actively communicates and approaches the employees. Microsoft Teams is the best communication platform for the management of projects.

With over 270 million daily users, Microsoft Teams is the market leader in digital communication and takes the daily exchange with your team to a new level. In addition to the possibility to communicate with your colleagues via video or audio calls or chat, you also have many other features that facilitate the implementation of your projects.

In this blog entry, we will show you the power of Microsoft Teams and how you can increase the productivity of your projects with this program.

Besides improving communication, Microsoft Teams serves as a central platform for using the features of the Microsoft365 work environment. But more about that later!

2. Role assignment

A project team only performs well when all members feel responsible and try to fulfill their assigned roles. Lack of role assignment can cause the project to ultimately fail.

As tools to solve this problem, we recommend Microsoft Planner in combination with timeghost.

Microsoft Planner is a task management tool from Microsoft with great features. Create Kanban boards with detailed task cards, which you can complete with files, checklists, and labels.  The Planner can be seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Teams and offers you additional advantages of the Microsoft365 environment.

Project management Microsoft Planner

With timeghost, you can track the tasks created in Planner as working time and assign them to a project and a task. Through Microsoft Power Automate, the tasks from Planner are automatically displayed in timeghost when they are created and can be booked directly as working time.

timeghost Teams App

This allows you to see not only who has been assigned to which task, but also how much time the task will ultimately take. You can also create projects within timeghost, assign them a time budget and an hourly rate, and assign them to a person in your team. In the dashboard, you can view the projects, tasks, and working hours of your employees.

We have an article that shows you how the collaboration of Planner, Microsoft Teams, and timeghost can work and optimize your processes within your team.

3. Project overview

Another big challenge, especially for those project managers who are in charge of multiple, parallel projects, is to keep a clear overview of the projects. It can quickly happen that wrong decision are made due to a lack of overview. That’s why it’s all the more important to let existing tools come to your aid and make your work easier in this regard.

Asana helps you manage your projects and serves as a central project management software with which you have other functions in addition to project management. Despite the comprehensive all-in-one solution, Asana is intuitive and easy to use.

A big advantage besides the software is the connections available to other programs. These include integrations of various programs in Asana, but also automated workflows that are possible for programs such as Microsoft Teams.

4. Time management

As a project manager, time is your most valuable resource. You manage multiple projects, lead teams in different constellations, and the end, you have to make sure that the customer is satisfied. This is not always easy, especially because you don’t have unlimited time and resources.

That’s why it’s all the more important to manage your and your employees’ time so that the projects can run as effectively as possible.

timeghost supports you with its project time tracking tool in the correct allocation of the working hours of you and your employees. The allocation of working hours to projects and tasks gives you and your team the overview you need to be able to effectively evaluate and draw conclusions about the allocation of your working hours.

timeghost timer

As a project manager/administrator, you always keep track of your employees’ work and can make adjustments.

In addition, by documenting your tasks in the projects, you can provide your clients with CSV. or xls. reports from the dashboard that transparently shows when you worked on which tasks.

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