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3 reasons why flexible work is the future

The opportunities and the freedom for today’s employees are greater than ever before. The obsessive shift from the office to working from home has abruptly brought about many changes. Meanwhile, flexible work is an attractive model of working. There are many benefits for both the employee and the company.

In this blog article, we want to show you why flexible working is the future and what benefits can be derived for employees and the company. Furthermore, we will introduce you to software that will help you create the technical basis for successful flexible work.

Reason No. 1: Increasing productivity

To increase employee productivity in the long term and thus make the company more successful, the company must create the conditions to keep employee satisfaction as high as possible.

After all, satisfied employees are more likely to work and are therefore more productive than employees whose needs and expectations are not met. Thus, it is of great benefit to both the company and the employee to promote employee satisfaction.

A different employee value equation

“The experience of the past two years has reshaped our priorities, identities, and worldview, drawing a bright line between what’s important—health, family, time, purpose—and what’s not.” 

– Microsoft Work Trend Index 2022

In March, Microsoft released the 2022 Microsoft Work Trend Index, reporting on the changing employee value equation. This primarily refers to the shift in employee priorities.

These priorities are the reason for employee demand for more flexibility from the employer. Accordingly, employers, above all, should act on this and create a corporate culture that makes employees feel good above all else, with a focus on their health.

“The best leaders will create a culture that embraces flexibility and prioritizes employee wellbeing—understanding that this is a competitive advantage to build a thriving organization and drive long-term growth.”

– Microsoft Work Trend Index 2022

Reason No. 2: Attractiveness as an employer

Flexible work increases employer attractiveness in the job market! If your company offers flexible working as a factor in its portfolio, the company gains attractiveness, especially among the younger Generation Z.

To win over the good talent, it is essential to address the needs of the younger generation and thus ensure the future success of the company in advance.

In a study conducted by ManpowerGroup Solutions, 40% of respondents said that flexibility in the workplace was one of the top three factors they considered when choosing a new job.

Reason No. 3: Freedom to manage time

In addition to the freedom for employees to work from home, as well as from the office, comes additional freedoms in time management. This results in employees being able to pick their own most productive time and thus use their working hours more effectively.

Because the work environment at home involves fewer distractions than in the office, employees can work more effectively and productively.

“Employees have been statistically proven to be more efficient when provided the opportunity to independently work when, how, and as much as they like. Flexible options increase both productivity and the time an employee spends working. Remote workers put in more hours than their office counterparts and are even more effective than in traditional office settings with constant distractions and interruptions.”

– Lindsey Mustain – ex-Amazon recruiter

Employees also work more at home than they do in the office. Airtasker conducted a study that found remote employees work approximately 1.4 more days each month, which equates to 16.8 days per year.

Both hours worked and productivity while working is higher when working flexibly. So for companies, it pays off in two ways.

Flexible work doesn’t just mean working from home

Nevertheless, it is important to meet regularly with colleagues to ensure the necessary cohesion. This is considered the basis for team success. Flexible work does not mean only working from home but also working in the office as well as from home.

Create the technical prerequisites

To offer flexible working in your team, you need the right tools. Here’s a list of tools we recommend for the successful implementation of a flexible work environment.

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