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3 reasons to track times with a time tracking software instead of Excel

3 reasons to track times with a time tracking software instead of Excel

Is it worth it for you and your team to switch from Excel timesheets to time tracking software? We say yes! And we also want to show you why it’s worth it for any company to track working hours with software designed for this purpose.

At first, tracking working hours with Excel seems to be the easier and cheaper way. But companies usually don’t realize the potential of time tracking software until they start using it.

Here are 3 reasons why you should track your tasks and projects in time tracking software and not in Excel.

1. Lack of overview in Excel

As a project manager or general business manager, you always want to have an overview of the projects you are ultimately responsible for. By recording the working hours and assigning them to the corresponding projects, your goal is to get a good overview of the current tasks and the progress in the corresponding projects.

With Excel, you get a rough overview of the projects, but you reach your limits in terms of effort and complexity. Because when it comes to evaluation, you very quickly lose track of the hours worked in a larger team.

The larger the project, the more confusing the data and the more complex the evaluation. Especially when it comes to invoicing the customer based on your time entries. Which working hours are billable and can be included in the invoice and which are not?

Particularly if the company is just in the start-up phase, it is worthwhile to have direct access to time recording software.

The timeghost dashboard for the perfect overview

To give every project manager, managing director, or department head the perfect overview of each project, we have developed the Dashboard, in which the most important data for the corresponding project is made available to you. You get the data you want to see in the shortest possible time.

The dashboard serves as a control center for managers to analyze and evaluate projects in the best possible way and draw appropriate conclusions.

Filter feature

With the filter bar in the dashboard, you can pull out exactly the information you need from the project in just a few seconds.

You can select different filters:

  • User
  • Groups
  • Projects
  • Clients
  • Tasks
  • Tags
  • Billability
  • Audit

Using the filters to get the most out of the export function

You can use the filters to get the appropriate information from projects. You can also use them when you want to provide clients with information about selected projects or create invoices.

The export feature allows you to make the projects available in an Excel or CSV file and send it to the customer. This way the client always can look into the project and see the progress documented and nicely presented.

timeghost billability feature - export function

2. Manual effort in Excel

The additional manual effort of Micorosoft Excel compared to project time tracking software should not be underestimated. It already arises during the process of entering the respective working times.

In addition, errors in the entry of working times have to be corrected manually and the individual timesheets have to be merged by the accounting department. The additional effort is in turn reflected in personnel costs. Furthermore, experience shows that working times are documented in less detail in Excel than in software that allows you to perform correspondingly detailed analyses.

Entering working times in timeghost

We try to save you as much manual effort as possible when entering your working hours so that you have more time for your tasks within the projects. For this purpose, we have integrated an AI assistant into the software, which suggests which task or project you should assign the time entry to.

As soon as you click on the “What are you working on?” field, our AI assistant will make suggestions for the “Project” and “Task” fields. Now you select a suggestion and timeghost adds the project and the associated task to the entry bar. To further characterize the task, you can add a short description of the task in the field “What are you working on?

Here you can see the three different modes you can use to customize the entry bar according to your needs.


3. Lack of connection from Excel to other programs

In today’s world, it’s all about networking and creating connections. If we look at the technical possibilities available to us today, we quickly realize that Excel has a big gap in terms of connection to other programs. Without a doubt, Excel is a very powerful program with many functions.

Nevertheless, when it comes to time tracking and creating connections to other programs, Excel quickly reaches its limits in this subject area.

Fully integrate your time tracking software into your work environment

To take even more advantage of time tracking systems like timeghost, you can automate various manual processes through programs like Zapier, or Microsoft Power Automate, so that the programs you use every day can benefit from each other even more. In addition, you optimize your work environment through automated workflows and can constantly expand it.

timeghost integrated into the Microsoft365 work environment

With the software, you notice the benefits of connectivity between our project time tracking and programs of the Microsoft365 work environment in daily use.

Connect the programs you need with timeghost

In the timeghost Feed, you can connect the Microsoft programs to the software that are used daily by you and your team. Data is collected that makes it easier for you to enter your working hours and connects the programs in your working environment even more closely.

Feed your Feed

Connections beyond Microsoft365

In addition to connections to the Microsoft365 environment, the software also gives you the option of integrating external programs into your project time tracking. Here you can see which programs and workflows you can connect to timeghost via Zapier.

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We will provide you with possible solutions on how to best implement the recording of your working hours to improve productivity within your team.

We look forward to the personal exchange with you!

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