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4 apps and tools to solve 4 time management problems

4 apps and tools to solve 4 time management problems

How would you currently rate the quality of time management in your job?

You will automatically ask yourself this question over time in a working world with short deadlines, scarce resources, and high-performance expectations.

You try to get more out of yourself and your project team by optimizing your time management. timeghost helps you with 4 tools or apps that solve 4 challenges you will always have when it comes to time management.

We address the following 4 challenges:

– Keeping an overview

– Organize time correctly

– Keep focus high

– Set priorities right

Challenge 1: Keeping an overview

If you don’t have a plan, you won’t get far in the working world. It leads to you wandering around, not knowing what task to dedicate yourself to, and ultimately accomplishing much less than if you had planned ahead of time what needed to be done.

“All management begins with planning”

– Tom Greening

Through good planning, you can ensure the proper alignment of your work in terms of achieving your goals. Good planning gives you the overview you need to determine which tasks and which projects are important in the future and what you should be working on now.

Tool 1: Task management and planning with Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner is a task management tool from Microsoft with great features. Microsoft’s planning tool gives you the overview you need to get your projects done in the best possible way. Tasks can be quickly created, assigned to people, and sorted by priority.

microsoft planner

Create Kanban boards with detailed task cards that you can complete with files, checklists, and labels. Planner integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams and the Microsoft365 environment.

With timeghost, you can track the tasks created in Planner as working time and assign them to a project and a task. The tasks from Planner are automatically displayed in our software, as long as you confirm the connection in the timeghost feed.

timeghost feed
timeghost Feed

Here we also show you how to use Microsoft Planner in conjunction with Microsoft Teams and timeghost.

Challenge 2: How do you allocate your working hours correctly?

To be able to check the allocation of your working hours, you need a tool where you can track your times and assign them to the corresponding tasks and projects. This will give you an overview, based on which you can improve the allocation of your working time in the office or home office and constantly get a clear overview of what you have worked on.

Tool 2: timeghost as project time tracking tool in the Microsoft365 environment

With timeghost, we have developed a project time tracking tool, especially for all Microsoft365 users. With its integration into the Microsoft365 environment, the tool gives you the perfect basis to constantly improve your productivity by clearly recording your working hours.

timeghost dashboard

Get the duration of your team calls, the newly created projects from Microsoft Planner, and the Outlook calendar events or emails automatically transferred to timeghost and recorded for you as working time.

Above all, it is important to us to develop a tool that is as user-friendly as possible through automated processes within, but also outside of the Microsoft365 environment. Therefore, we have a lot of Zapier connectors to make your work environment as automated and connected as possible.

timeghost creates the appropriate transparency for customers both internally and externally through recording working times. Your team can always see who is working on which task and which projects are assigned. With the export feature, you can create Excel or CSV files with just one click and make them available to your customers.

Working from home - timeghost-Timer

Try timeghost during the 14 days free trial or book a live demo, where we will show you the application and answer any questions you may have regarding our tool!

We are looking forward to seeing you!

In this article, you will see a quick guide on how you can use the software in your company or team in just a few minutes.

Challenge 3: Keep focus high

To get more out of your time, improving your focus is very good because the simple, way that you can use your time even better. There are some tips and tricks you can use to improve your focus. Also, there are now apps that help you be more productive in a given time by having good focus.

Tool 3: Pomodoro App Tracker – Focus Keeper

An easy way to keep your focus is to use the Pomodoro technique. For this, there are corresponding apps that help you apply the time segments of the technique. Focus Keeper allows you to focus on the important things and also offers you great evaluation options and many other features.

focus keeper pomodoro timer

You can download the app from either the App Store or the Google Play Store.

Challenge 4: Set priorities correctly

Especially in project management, it can quickly happen that people get bogged down in the many tasks they have to complete every day. The mails still have to be checked quickly, while one is currently working on another important task that also has to be completed quickly.

This makes it all the more important not to get distracted by other tasks and to create a system for getting things done.

Setting priorities will get a good sense of what is important and what is not. One of the best-known techniques for setting priorities is the Eisenhower method.

Tool 4: Priority Matrix as a tool for better ranking of your tasks

Priority-Matrix is a super easy-to-use tool that allows you to classify your tasks into four different quadrants. The system looks like this:

Priority Matrix - Eisenhower-principle

These quadrants are the base of the app. You can enter the tasks into the corresponding fields and move them back and forth as you like.

In addition, Priority Matrix offers direct integration with Microsoft Teams and a connection to Outlook Calendar.

priority matrix integrated in microsoft teams

Feel free to give us feedback on how the tools have helped you and how they have improved your time management 😉.

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