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5 mistakes to avoid as a remote project manager

5 mistakes you should avoid as a remote project manager

Leadership is the most important ingredient for the success of a team. The basic leadership skills, such as communication, building trust or setting goals is also extremely important for successfully leading a remote team. However, it is much harder to be able to use your leadership skills to the fullest in remote environments.

We want to help you make your team more successful in running projects and present you in this blog 5 mistakes you should avoid at all costs as a remote project manager.

1. Micromanagement

Even in the office, micromanagement is no longer the order of the day. Especially in project management, where tight resources, short deadlines and high performance expectations are the order of the day, you can’t afford to micromanage.

What’s more, in remote working environments, micromanagement is even less meaningful due to flexible working hours and the ability to schedule your own work.

Instead, give your employees more responsibility and start delegating tasks and giving them more control. You’ll see – your team will automatically be more productive, the work will be more meaningful to individuals, and projects will be more successfully completed.

2. Communicate less in the remote environment

One mistake that can creep in unconsciously, but quite quickly, is decreasing communication within the project team. With the remote environment, it will automatically be the case that calls will be fewer and there will be less regular exchange about problems and issues.

As a project manager, this makes it even more important that you are proactive. It is your responsibility to manage the communication within your team in a way that allows for new ideas, concepts, and other suggestions.

By consistently communicating, calling, or writing with your team members on Microsoft Teams, you enable a better opportunity for ideas and concepts to flourish.

In regards to this point, feel free to read our blog post where we discuss proper communication for a project manager within a remote work environment.

3. Don’t prepare a remote work schedule

To make remote work as easy as possible for your employees, it’s important to create a plan that your employees can follow and be guided by. The plan should include specific things that each member should do to ensure a smooth transition to remote work.

It should also specify changes compared to office work. Maximum transparency in terms of procedures will allow employees to quickly and smoothly adjust to their new circumstances. Another advantage that a work plan brings is the creation of trust within the team.

4. Combine flexibility with constant accessibility

No matter what your team’s remote work setup is, it certainly provides great flexibility for most teams. Employees can schedule their workday to be most productive.

This freedom makes it all the more difficult to switch off from work. To help your team, it’s important to establish core work hours where everyone is available.

After all, regular interaction is critical to project success. That said, you can’t expect your team members to take calls 24/7.

5. Do not track working hours

To get an overview of the working hours, the projects and the tasks your employees are currently working on, even in a remote environment, project time tracking is a good idea. Create projects, tasks, tags and customers, assign them to employees and keep track of running projects.

Let your customers also participate in the projects through the export function of timeghost and thus provide them with maximum transparency and the greatest possible trust.

The evaluations not only provide a good overview, but also allow for improvements and adjustments that can be made based on the collected data.

timeghost dashboard for remote project managers

For the employees in your project team, keeping a record of their working hours is another advantage. They can better separate their private and professional lives because they can see how many hours they have already worked.

Especially in times with flexible work models, the overview of hours worked gives employees the certainty that they can now devote themselves to their private lives.

With timeghost, especially tracking your working hours is made easy for you. With the help of our AI assistant, you can manage your time entries with just two clicks.

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