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Why a connected work environment is essential to success?

Why a connected work environment is essential to success?

How good is the connectivity in your team? As good as the new working models are, they pose and above all challenge: to keep the level of connectedness within a team in a digital environment high enough that productivity, fun, and the successful execution of projects do not suffer. Because without proactive communication, we increasingly isolate ourselves from the team and ultimately from the company. This is where connecting with colleagues and the company is crucial!

Here you can see why you as a leader need to focus on the connection in your team.

Developing the potential of the employees

Create the basic conditions in which the potential of each employee can be fully developed:

“Everyone talks about building a relationship with your customer. I think you build one with your employees first”

Angela Ahrendts

Building a connection within the team creates trust first and foremost. Everyone knows their colleagues, what makes them tick and what their strengths and weaknesses are. Trust is one of the basic factors for the development of a team. But you should distinguish one thing:

Relationships within teams are working relationships, not friendships. Our trust is based on common tasks, agreements, and contracts with each other. Of course, there are also friendly relationships in teams. But they are not a prerequisite for good teamwork.

work environment - the lencioni method

Patrick Lencioni, a US management consultant internationally known for team development, names 5 prerequisites for good team cooperation that build on each other.

The fundamental basis is trust. Without trust, there is no healthy willingness to engage in conflict less self-commitment, less accountability to colleagues, and less goal orientation. If you build trust in your team and create a work environment where trust is established as a foundation, the other four factors will automatically fall into place.

Encourage collaboration

Good collaboration is the foundation of any project’s success. Crucial to this is a culture anchored in the team with corresponding values that are actively lived by the team. Without good team collaboration, even the best processes cannot be used effectively. The interpersonal relationships within the project team are key.

As we conduct our projects in an increasingly hybrid and flexible work environment, it is even more important to proactively foster communication as well as regular exchanges and to build a connection with each member of the team. Above all, it comes down to being self-initiated. Because in a digital environment, no one ever asks you down the hall what you’re working on and what your challenges are.

The more connected you are with your colleagues, the more you’ll also be able to talk about current challenges and possible solutions, making you more productive and efficient on your projects.

Here are 4 quick tips you can use to create better connectedness and team chemistry right away:

1. Regularly schedule team activities that the whole team participates in.

2. Hold healthy feedback sessions with your employees at regular intervals

3. Create a mission statement with your team and define values that should be lived in the team

4. Have a meeting once a week only to discuss private matters (e.g. a virtual coffee meeting every Monday).

Trust and collaboration are actively lived in the team – now implement the right tools that promote successful collaboration

The software tools available to us today offer us great support options to perform our work even better and to be able to work ever more flexibly. Meanwhile, the difficulty is figuring out which of the many software products is right for the team or the company. We’ve put together an article here about the best and most important tools for successful project execution.

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Recommend timeghost to other companies

With timeghost, we strive to bring a software product to the market that promotes both the technical aspects of successful collaboration and the human factors, making every team more successful.

Shortly, we will release the timeghost partner program. It will allow authorized companies to distribute and introduce timeghost to companies that need project time tracking integrated with the Microsoft365 working environment.

More information regarding application, commission, and other conditions will be published soon.

If you want to get more information about our model in advance, feel free to contact our support via [email protected].

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