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The 3 most important benefits of a digital work environment

The 3 most important benefits of a digital work environment

How many SaaS products do you use in your team?

Companies and teams use so many SaaS solutions that it is tough to keep track of the many providers. At this point, it’s often a good idea to seek professional help and set up a digital work environment that links the various programs together in a way that will benefit companies and teams the most.

Because once the work environment is in place, you’ll quickly notice the benefits. In this blog, we’ll go over the top 3 benefits of a digital work environment and also show you which programs are great for better performance in your team.

1. Networked software for better collaboration

Although working from home reduces face-to-face contact, a digital environment gives you a lot of opportunities, especially when interacting with other employees and colleagues. With Microsoft Teams, Slack, or Zoom, you have digital communication tools at your disposal that allow your team to exchange ideas in the best possible way. Microsoft Teams in particular is a great basis for successful collaboration from within your own home.

Building on this, you can link other programs, e.g. project management software (Asana, Jira) calendar or mail programs with the solutions mentioned and benefit even more from the individual programs by connecting them.

2. Flexibility for employees

With a digital work environment, you allow your team members more freedom and flexibility in performing their daily work. Each employee can perform their work in the way they think will get them to their goal the fastest.

The appropriate tasks and projects are securely embedded in collaboration tools, enterprise dropboxes, and cloud storage. Employees have instant access to data from any device, anywhere, at any time, whether they are in a physical office or working remotely.

A digital environment increases efficiency, productivity, and organizational overhead is also reduced due to a more agile work environment.

3. Process optimization

With a digital work environment, you have the opportunity to visibly optimize your processes by connecting individual programs and automating processes. With the available technical possibilities, potentials can be created that would have been unthinkable a few years ago.

Zapier allows you to perfectly connect your work environment and adapt it to the needs of your company or team.  Zapier offers a large number of automation for connecting the programs you want to include in your work environment.

Feel free to try it out and see which programs from your company can be connected to the software.

Here you can see which connectors are already available for your programs. At the same time, you can also create automated processes yourself. If you have questions about the connectors, please do not hesitate to ask our support, who can even create automation for you.

In this article, we will show you programs with which you can create the technical requirements for a digital working environment.

building a digital work enviroment

Measure productivity in your digital work environment

To record the working hours within your projects in the best possible way, timeghost as a time recording tool is especially suitable for Microsoft365 users. Because the integration into the Microsoft365 environment also enables you to automate several things.

For example, the duration of your Teams calls is intercepted and displayed directly as a time entry in the software. Two clicks and your call is assigned to the appropriate project and task and booked as a time entry in the software. In addition to Microsoft Teams, the software offers many other interfaces to other Microsoft programs and external software solutions. Have a look at Zapier! There you can try out the different interfaces to other solutions.

timeghost Partner Program

For suitable companies that want to offer and market timeghost as a project time recording solution in their company, we will soon offer a program where you can become a timeghost partner. More information will follow in the next few days.

If you already have questions, please get in touch with us at [email protected].

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