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f5 things to do as a project manager

5 Must-have’s as a successful project manager

Being a project manager means having a multitude of different requirements and tasks and having to reconcile them. This is a big challenge and at the same time an incentive for many project managers to master this challenge successfully.

We are happy to help you and show you in this blog 5 things that you should not do without in your daily life as a project manager.

1. Check project status

You are the control center of the projects. Therefore, you should always know the status of each project. It is not so important to know about every little bug or other problem, but rather to keep an eye on the general status of the project. You should know at all times if the project is on track.

timeghost Team Activity Feature

With the timeghost Team Activity feature you can see who is currently working on which task in the project.

The Team Activity lists the last 25 tasks worked on by all members of the workspace and shows how long it took to complete the task and when it was completed. You’ll also see the weekly hours worked for each user in that workspace.

This feature makes productivity visible to you and helps you evaluate your team’s performance. The feature is available in all timeghost applications and can be configured to be visible only to workspace administrators.

team activity for project managers

2. Prioritize

To set the order of your tasks and your team’s tasks so that they are processed effectively, as a project manager you can’t avoid setting priorities. There are various methods and software that you can use to prioritize your tasks. One method is the Eisenhower Matrix, which we describe in this article.

If you are looking for an effective software to prioritize your tasks, you can find effective techniques to prioritize your tasks in project management programs like Asana, Trello or Monday.com

3. Conduct employee appraisals, give constructive feedback

Performance reviews bring many benefits if you conduct them properly and at regular intervals. For one, you get the chance to talk to your employee and exchange ideas about their daily challenges. At the same time, misunderstandings and differences of opinion can be communicated to eliminate accumulating frustration in advance. 

You should always make sure that you help your counterpart with constructive feedback. We have written two interesting blog entries on this topic.

Firstly, we show you how to give constructive criticism to your team members so that they take your criticism positively. The second blog is about how you should handle criticism at work so that you benefit the most from it. Feel free to stop by!

4. Encourage internal communication

Communication is one of the key factors in project work. Effective and goal-oriented communication leads the project to success.

Your goal must be to be the communication leader within the project team. Because in the end you are the

person who holds the team together and has direct contact to every project member.

To give you a little guidance, you can use the 7 C’s of communication to avoid misunderstandings:

– clear

– concise

– concrete

– correct

– coherent

– complete

– courteous

Be the initiator who actively reaches out to team members and models the communication that should take place within the project team. Involve each member in meetings by asking specific questions of the person.

Be transparent with your team about what you have accomplished, where you currently stand, and what still needs to be done. By doing so, you’ll foster motivation, team spirit and cohesion throughout the team and you’ll be more effective in achieving your project goal.

We’ll show you here why cohesion within your work environment is crucial for project success.

5. Keep a clear overview of projects and evaluate them – with timeghost

A task that is also crucial for project managers – keeping track of individual projects and the tasks they contain. The better your overview, the more effectively you and your team can manage and execute the individual projects.

A tool that allows you to have a clear overview of the projects while still being able to evaluate the working hours and tasks of the project members is our project time tracking tool timeghost.

Project overview with dashboard, team activity and profitability feature

As a project manager you create a workspace in which you can create as many projects as you like and assign your team to the projects. Employees document their working hours by indicating which task they are currently working on in which project. You always have an overview of what is going on within the projects and who has worked on what. You can also make this available to your customers as an Excel export.

Evaluations in the timeghost Dashboard

The timeghost dashboard gives you the evaluations you need for your projects. With different filters you get exactly the information you need. We have written an extra blog about the dashboard, in which we explain the individual functions in more detail. Feel free to visit it:

timeghost Dashboard – possibilities for project managers

Convince yourself of our project time tracking for Microsoft365 users and test timeghost 14 days for free.

Here you will learn how to best get started with our software, so that the software immediately offers you added value.

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