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why employee interviews have never been that important today

Why employee interviews have never been so important today

Employee reviews are one of the most important factors of successful leadership – especially in today’s economy. It is often seen as a chore. However, such conversations are crucial for personal development and the success of the company.

In this article, we’ll show you the reasons why employee reviews are so important!

5 reasons for employee interviews

1. Employee interviews build trust and connections

Performance reviews are an important management tool for building trust between employees and their supervisors. The open dialogue promotes cooperation and mutual understanding in solving problems.

In addition, when trust exists, it opens up more opportunities for the employee. By giving the colleague confidence as a manager, the employee is more confident and can use his or her skills to the best of his or her ability within the team.

Employee reviews in the remote environment are even more crucial

Especially with the increasing shift from office to the home office, much of face-to-face contact is being lost. This makes it all the more important for managers to establish communication within the team that helps build trust.

Above all, it’s important to actively reach out to your employees and talk to them about their current challenges. Because from deep trust comes strong cohesion and the team can consequently work together even more effectively and productively… and most importantly – the work is also more fun.

2. Active support for the further development of employees

In the context of personnel development, employee appraisals are a very effective method. As a manager, you have the chance to mentor your employee, talk to them about their daily challenges, give them tips and offer your help.

This will not only sharpen their focus on the essential things you expect them to do during the project but also give them the feeling that you trust and rely on their abilities.

3. Motivation for future projects

A well-conducted, one-on-one employee discussion increases the acceptance of the projects and tasks that are to be implemented and thereby increases the motivation to implement them in the best possible way.

The more trusting the discussion atmosphere and the more appreciative the tone, the more open employees will be to your plans and goals as a manager.

4. Preventive conflict management

The best solution for avoiding potential conflicts and misunderstandings is not to let the problem eat away at you, but to give you regular opportunities to express what bothers you. Employees and managers can do this best in a relaxed atmosphere where both people are open to the other person’s concerns.

Allow the employee to speak openly about current problems and challenges. To use this point effectively in an employee review, trust is critical as a prerequisite for a productive, good conversation. It shows once again the relevance of trust in this context.

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5. Promoting employee performance awareness

Employee performance reviews can be a key building block for the project because as a leader, you have the opportunity to talk with your employees about future projects and approaches.

As each team member talks through the goals with you as the manager, performance awareness is activated in the conversations. The motivation of the employee’s increases and they can implement their projects even more effectively and goal-oriented.

To hold employee meetings efficiently and in a goal-oriented manner, certain skills are necessary. In addition, you can apply the following 5 tips directly in your performance review.


Performance reviews offer great opportunities – if you conduct them correctly and approach them actively!

Now you have heard 5 reasons why we are convinced that performance reviews are an indispensable part of today’s working world. In the next article, we’ll give you specific tips on how to best conduct performance reviews and what to look out for. Be excited!

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