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4 rules to create win-win situations in employee appraisals

4 rules to create win-win situations in employee interviews

In the last blog article, we looked at why employee reviews are more important today than ever before! Now we want to deal with the conversations as such.

In order to get the most out of employee reviews for both you as a manager and your counterpart, your goal should be to create win-win situations in every conversation.

In this short blog, we’ve put together 4 rules to help managers and employees get the most out of employee reviews to create win-win situations.

1. Appreciation of the other person

Appreciation is very important for employees. After all, they are the main contributors to the success of the projects and should therefore also enjoy sufficient appreciation from you as a manager.

Employee interviews are a great way to do this! Respect their views and opinions and put yourself in their shoes and try to understand their points of view, motives and needs.

“If we could understand the reasons for the behavior of others, suddenly everything would make sense”

– Sigmund Freud

By having an understanding of your employees’ actions, motives, and points of view, you automatically give them the appreciation and respect they need!

2. No time pressure in employee interviews

Allow plenty of time for a performance review. There is nothing worse than conducting a performance review with time pressure. For one thing, important points probably won’t be discussed, and you’ll send a signal to the employee that there are more important things than him or her. Make sure that you can conduct your conversations calmly and with the necessary attention to the content of the conversation.

3. Meta-communication

Meta-communication is a conversation technique that you use when, for example, a conversation has become very emotional or you are going around in circles with the arguments. Meta-communication means that you no longer talk about the subject matter, but reflect on what was said and how the conversation was conducted.

By going to the meta level, you can escape the emotional conversation and return to the factual exchange with the employee. At the same time, new topics can be broached and you are no longer going in circles.

A possible example of meta-communication would be: “I have the impression that we have actually exchanged all arguments and – due to different opinions – are only going in circles. I would like to find a solution that is acceptable to both sides.”

4. Use “I” messages

“You messages” carry a number of negative associations. They often express judgments and evaluations or give the impression – consciously or unconsciously – that you know something better than the other person.

In this way, you unconsciously convey a certain superiority to your interlocutor, which your counterpart counters either with an offensive counterattack or with a defensive posture.

It’s hard to stay objective! Conversations become emotional and open and constructive communication is no longer possible. Such trivialities can be decisive for digressing from the actual topics and you are just going around in circles.

Use “I-messages” instead!

In this way you do not impute unwanted intentions to your counterpart. Rather, you are telling them how you experienced the situation yourself, giving them an opportunity to correct that impression.
“I’m worried about whether the report will be ready by tonight.”

With messages like this, you share something of your own feelings and emotions and signal trust to the interviewer in this way. The statement comes across as neither demanding nor reproachful, but can be understood neutrally by the counterpart.

Hopefully, these four rules will make your team’s performance reviews more effective and successful.

We are looking forward to your feedback!

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