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Microsoft365 and timeghost - Perfectly set up for hybrid work

Microsoft365 and timeghost – Perfectly set up for hybrid work

“The challenge for organizations is to balance employee demands for flexibility with business needs.”

Colette Stallbaumer in the blog “From enabling hybrid work to creating collaborative experiences—here’s what’s new in Microsoft 365

By now, the flexibility and freedom that companies provide to their employees in terms of the workplace is increasingly becoming standard. It is no longer a big deal for employees to work from home or any other location outside the company.

This makes it all the more important that the infrastructure is put in place on the part of companies to enable employees to perform their work to the best of their ability even when they are away from the office.

This is not possible without the appropriate technology. Above all, foundations must be created that can ensure exchange and maintain or redefine the company’s processes.

The Microsoft365 blog outlines in short bullet points what will be important in the future for the new way of working:

To seize this opportunity, it’s important to understand the new patterns of work that are shaping the future:

  • Enabling hybrid work—helping people work flexibly across time and space, synchronously and asynchronously.
  • Bringing collaborative experiences into the flow of work—from data to workflows and business processes, across multiple roles and functions.
  • Creating the digital employee experience—connecting a dispersed workforce to each other and to the organization.

With the M365 work environment and associated programs, you have the perfect basis for building a digital work environment that is tailored specifically to you and can be expanded as required. Microsoft Teams provides the central tool for this.

project organization Microsoft365 work environment

In addition to the integrations and technical basics that the Microsoft environment offers its customers, we have also developed timeghost, our project time tracking system, to display the performance of employees.

Showing productivity in a measurable way – with timeghost integrated into Microsoft365

By using a daily time tracking system like ours, which was specifically developed for measuring project working hours, you can display your parallel running projects in an excellent way. In doing so, you can create a time entry in just a few seconds.

The integration into the M365 environment allows you to transfer data from different programs straight into the sortware and record it directly as a time entry.

We call this the timeghost Feed. In the feed, you are the one who determines which programs should be connected to the software and which workflows should be created between our project tracking tool and the selected program.

In this blog you will see how to best use the timeghost Feed.

How to best track your working hours as a M365 user.

In addition, you can connect the software with over 5,000 programs via Zapier.

Increase productivity with timeghost

timeghost timer

Keeping track of your working hours makes it easier for you to track your workday. You can see what you worked on at what time. Evaluate your workday and analyze what you can do better in the future.

The evaluations in the software give you clear and sufficient information about your working hours and those of your team colleagues.

timeghost Dashboard helps in hybrid work

Due to the regular maintenance of your working hours, you are much more aware of the time and automatically focus more on the important things of your work.

Try it out for yourself and track your working hours with our tool for 14 days for free – you’ll see, it’s worth it and fun at the same time!

Here you will learn how to best get started with our software so that it immediately provides you with added value.

Recommend our software – with the timeghost Partner Program

We have recently released the timeghost Partner Program! It allows authorized companies to distribute and introduce the software to companies that need a project time tracking solution integrated into the M365 working environment.

You can find more information regarding application, commission and other conditions on our partner website.

If you want to get more information about our model, please contact our support.

Get the timeghost Teams App

You only need to install the timeghost Teams App directly from the AppSource Store in the application. You can find a manual on how to do this right here. The app includes all features that you know from the web client and since you use your Office 365 account to access timeghost you’re set and done in only a few seconds.

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