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6 Tips for sustainable productivity

6 Tips for sustainable productivity

The plan of any project team is to maintain and improve overall long-term effectiveness in order to continue to implement projects productively and successfully in the future. 

In this blog, we’ll give you 6 key tips on how to sustainably optimize your productivity when delivering projects for long-term success. Be excited!

1. Focus more on systems than on goals

This tip does not mean that you lose sight of the goals you set for yourself, but rather that you give them less weight. Because narrowly set goals can have a negative impact on the productivity of you and your team. 

The consequences of too narrowly set goals can include a lack of intrinsic motivation, or a constant focus on the short-term goal to be achieved and the resulting neglect of long-term milestones. 

In his book, Atomic Habits, best-selling author James Clear argues that focusing on goals is not conducive for several reasons: 

At the end of the day, winners and losers have the same goals.
Achieving a goal is a momentary change.
Goals limit your happiness.
Goals conflict with your long-term progress.

“None of this is to say that goals are useless,” Clear explains. “However, I’ve found that goals are good for planning progress and systems are good for actually making progress.”

James Clear in Atomic Habits

“Goals can provide direction and even move you forward in the short term, but ultimately a well-designed system will always win,” he adds. 

2. Time management – Be conscious of your time

Time management allows us to consciously work on the things that are important to us in our professional and even personal lives. By managing your time, you create an overview of today. 

You can use different tools to manage your time. Calendars such as Outlook can give you a visual representation of your day or week and give you an overview of the appointments/tasks you have to do today.

Microsoft To Do is the task management tool from Microsoft that helps you manage your daily To Do’s and makes work easier for you. By the way, you can use this tool perfectly to manage point 4.

With a time tracking software you get the overview of your different projects and tasks at work. At the same time, by maintaining your working hours within different projects, you can see what you’ve been working on so far. 

In our opinion, you need a measurable representation of your working hours in order to get the most out of your team, especially when implementing projects.

3. Create the conditions for productivity

To be able to work productively over a longer period of time, you need certain basic prerequisites. First and foremost, you need mental, emotional and physical strength. 

If you are not in shape in one of these three areas, it will immediately affect your productivity. To keep these areas at a high level, there are a few things you can do for yourself: 

5 things to stay in shape to be productive

– Eat balanced and nutritious meals throughout the day.
– Drink plenty of water and properly dose your caffeine or alcohol intake
– Daily physical activity (fitness, running, jogging, cycling, etc.)
– Sufficient sleep (7-9 hours)
– Meditation to start the day in a balanced way

While at work, you can also make sure you are productive. For example, by having a tidy desk, a standing desk and enough natural sunlight. 

4. Close open to Dos

Another item that also greatly affects your focus and concentration is open To Do’s. Each open item is another placeholder in your brain that subconsciously affects you and negatively impacts your productivity.

Moreover, they also drain your energy because you keep these To Do’s in your mind for a long time until they are completed. Therefore, try to block out a certain amount of time for yourself to follow up on these open tasks. 

5. Flow

The flow state puts you in an optimal state of consciousness where you experience maximum productivity without letting yourself get stressed. We want to make sure that you are in this state as often as possible while working. For one thing, working in flow is the most fun and your results will automatically improve the more often you find yourself there. 

In this blog, we’ve summarized for you 5 tips on how to best get into the flow state. 

6. Develop successful habits 

Habits are simple decisions you make once in a while at certain moments and they get burned into your subconscious. You repeat them without thinking about them. However, you can consciously integrate habits into your everyday life, both in your professional and private life. 

Most of the time you feel that these small decisions or actions are not that relevant. However, in sum, they have a big impact. From your health, to your relationships with friends and co-workers, to your productivity, you are developing habits everywhere. 

Scientists claim that habits form because our brains are looking for a way to save effort. Once routines are established, your brain no longer needs to make a decision. That’s why it’s important to think in advance about which routines you want to implement. 

That way, you can build habits into your workday that will help you be productive for longer periods of time. Here you can learn about the 6 habits that successful project managers use in their work. 

These were 6 tips that will hopefully help you increase your productivity in your job without feeling stressed in any way. 

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