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4 solutions to the biggest agency challenges

4 solutions to the biggest agency challenges

Overworked staff, ever decreasing fees, meeting short deadlines, multi-project management or pricing – all challenges that agencies have to deal with in today’s world. Anyone who thinks working in an agency is easy is wrong. 

The daily challenges that agencies and their employees have to manage are huge. Therefore, it is important to always ask yourself the question. How can the problems currently present in the agency be solved in the best possible way?

Today, we’re going to present you with the biggest challenges agencies face and show you what options are available to solve them. 

1. Time tracking

In order to map your work in the best possible way, it is not enough to see the tasks assigned to you. Through time tracking tools like timeghost, you can see how many hours employees have worked on a project, what task they were working on, and what project they were assigned to during that time. 

Especially in the agency industry, where multi-project management is not uncommon, recording working hours takes on a whole new meaning and can really be a lifesaver. 

Not only can you as a project manager assign tasks to the right people with project-based time tracking, but you can also make evaluations to improve or adjust workflows in the process. The measurable representation of the entire project will automatically bring your team’s work to a new level. 

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2. Employee retention

Due to tight deadlines, employee overload is not uncommon. As a result, turnover within the agency industry is also correspondingly high. On the one hand, the cost of bringing in a new employee is expensive, and on the other hand, the new employee must first grow into the new role and cannot initially match the performance of his or her predecessor. 

It often happens that new employees leave the agency before the point at which the employee is profitable for the company. 

Creating a corporate culture

It is therefore all the more important to establish a corporate culture with values that employees can identify with. By simply writing them down and putting a poster on the office wall, even the best corporate culture will be of no use. 

It is important that the employees embody these values and carry them to the outside world. If these values are established within the agency, employees will also find it easier to identify with the company and will ideally stay with the agency for several years. 

3. Avoid rework

Clients often want adjustments or optimizations to previously completed projects. However, the additional hours involved are no longer within the actual budget. Rework is a stumbling block for the optimization of your agency. They also take time away from new projects that actually make money. 

How can you overcome this major challenge for the industry?

Trackability is the path to better fees and easier negotiations. If you have access to each project’s data, you can share information about how many hours it took and how many resources were used as a new point of discussion. 

A time tracking tool like timeghost can give you just this information in a clear and transparent way, so you can be sure that everything is right, especially in terms of billing for the project’s hours.

4. Use technology

With so many technologies available to us in this day and age, it’s almost inevitable to take a hard look at optimizing your work through software. Especially in the area of process optimization, we now have ingenious tools to choose from that save us a lot of time and unnecessary loops. 

However, it is also important to evaluate the many tools and define requirement criteria to ensure that the investment is worthwhile. 

Automation of processes

The automated and intuitive entry of working times drastically reduces the manual effort of entry. With Microsoft Power Automate, the Microsoft Graph API or Zapier, you can connect just about any program to timeghost and integrate our time tracking tool perfectly into your work environment.  
We are happy to help you

Since we have been in the project business for more than 20 years, specializing in Microsoft environments, we are happy to help you create your work environment. Otherwise you can get a first impression of how to create workflows with Power Automate here

We hope we could help you to cope with the current and future challenges as an agency. We are curious about your feedback and look forward to the exchange!

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