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4 challenges for IT project managers

4 challenges for IT managers and how you solve them

The pandemic has caused IT management to evolve rapidly. Social distancing has meant that cloud solutions have been needed to make working from home straightforward and efficient. However, this rapid evolution is also great risk, as many companies have not been able to keep up with this pace. 

Here you’ll see 4 key challenges IT managers face and 4 solutions to help overcome them! Get excited.

1. Improve cybersecurity

Organizations cannot take IT security lightly. Cyberattacks are expected to become increasingly resourceful in the coming period, making them harder to defend against. That’s reason enough to take a look at optimizing security within the enterprise.

One problem in many organizations is that there aren’t enough IT professionals with cybersecurity expertise. Forty percent of IT decision makers say there are gaps in cybersecurity skills within their teams. This area is also cited as the biggest challenge in IT recruiting.

How can you best address these challenges?

As a leader, you should make it clear to your employees why it’s so important to be professional in this area and that investing in the company’s security is a top priority. 

In the long run, it helps to train and develop employees from within so that they can handle such challenges. Invest in cybersecurity training and upskill your team that way.  

2. Keep up with technology

“Standing still is a step backwards”

Rudolf von Bennigsen-Förder

There is no room for steadiness in IT departments, let alone standing still. 
It is a field that is constantly changing and needs to be updated accordingly with the latest technology practices. 

For IT managers, in particular, the big challenge is to keep up with the ever-evolving technologies alongside the day-to-day business and bring them into the organization. 

What can you do as an IT manager?

As a single person, it is almost impossible for you to be informed about all the latest technology trends. To stay informed and up to date as often as possible, we recommend that you get in touch with other experts and exchange information about current developments. 

Use your network and ask them what works for them and where they see future trends. In addition, take enough time to do your research. Watch headlines, look for new insights or browse IT forums.

3. Attract talent and retain it

Retaining employees is one of the biggest challenges facing the IT industry and IT project managers. Good employees are often poached because they are offered a more lucrative deal.  

IT companies hire employees, train them, but end up witnessing their termination once they have enough experience on the job to take a new position across companies. 

The result – skills gaps

The result is that a huge gap opens up between the skills the job requires and the skills new applicants bring to the table. As a result, many companies, especially in the IT industry, struggle to attract good employees, as more often than not, specific skills are required to do the job. 

As an IT project manager, how can you solve this challenge?

Implement a corporate culture that new and existing employees can identify with. Establish values that are lived outwardly and that make it worthwhile for employees to stay with the company for the long term. 

By retaining good employees for the long term, you can develop your team sustainably and have qualified employees who are worth their weight in gold for the implementation of projects. 

4. Meet short deadlines for projects

In IT management, time is your most valuable resource. You manage multiple projects, lead teams in different constellations, and in the end you have to make sure the customer is satisfied. That’s not always easy, especially when time is at a premium. 

That makes it all the more important to manage your time and that of your employees so that projects can run as effectively as possible.

How can you and your team solve this challenge?

timeghost supports you with our project time tracking tool to correctly assign working hours. Assigning working hours to projects and tasks gives you and your team the overview needed to effectively evaluate the distribution of working hours and draw conclusions.

project time tracking for it project manager

As a project manager/administrator, you always have an overview of your employees’ work and can make adjustments.

By documenting the tasks in the projects, you can also provide your customers with CSV or xls reports from the dashboard that transparently show when work was done on which tasks.

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