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5 productivity tools for consultants 

5 productivity tools for consultants 

The radical transformation of our work environment in recent years has opened up a new world for us, leading to major changes in terms of work. 

Nevertheless, in terms of productivity, we have been given new opportunities through the tools available. Cloud work environments are now present in many companies. 

There is no longer one tool that solves all problems for you. The solution is primarily the networking of different tools that specialize in a particular area. The goal for consulting companies must therefore be to establish smooth processes among the programs so that a functioning digital working environment is created on a wide variety of programs. 

We present to you 5 tools that will help you in the consulting industry to further increase your productivity.

1. Zapier

The first tool, in our opinion, provides the foundation for the benefits of all the other tools we present. This is because Zapier allows you to get even more out of all the programs by networking them together. 

Zapier offers you several connectors that allow you to network the various programs you use in your team. You can create as many individual workflows as you like and integrate new programs into your existing processes. 

Your working environment will be further optimized with each new flow and even better adapted to the needs of you and your team. With the consulting scene embracing agile approaches, especially today, automated workflows can help make processes more streamlined. 

Visit Zapier’s website to see the different connectivity options. 

If you’re interested in Zapier connectors for timeghost: we offer workflows to over 5000 programs on Zapier. 

timeghost-Zapier-Connectors for consultants

The connectors allow you, for example, to automate the recording of your working hours. For example, create a workflow between Asana and timeghost: 

When you add a new task in Asana, a time entry is automatically created in timeghost with the corresponding task, which you only need to assign to a task and the corresponding project. 

2. Asana

Another big challenge, especially for consultants who are responsible for multiple projects, is keeping track of the projects. 

It can quickly happen that wrong decisions and conclusions are made due to a lack of overview. This makes it all the more important to let the available tools help you and make your work easier.

Asana helps you manage your projects and serves as a central project management software with which you have other functions besides project management. Despite being a comprehensive all-in-one solution, Asana is intuitive and easy to use.

A big advantage besides the software is the available connections to other programs. These include integrations of various programs in Asana, but also automated workflows that are possible for programs such as Microsoft Teams or timeghost. 

In Zapier and Microsoft Power Automate you get many possibilities to integrate your Asana projects with other tools. 

3. HubSpot

HubSpot is an all-in-one inbound marketing, sales, CRM, and customer service platform that enables companies to easily and effectively collaborate from marketing to sales to after-sales service to create exceptional, data-driven, and consistently positive customer experiences.

HubSpot’s platform consists of five software hubs: the Marketing Hub, the Sales Hub, the Service Hub, the CMS Solution, and the Operations Hub. The hubs can be used individually or as a package to meet different needs.

4. Microsoft Teams

For the Microsoft environment, Microsoft Teams provides the central communication platform for agile teams. It also provides the core of the Microsoft365 working environment as the central platform.

This means that Teams provides connections to other Microsoft programs as well as third-party applications that can be integrated into Teams and thus into the Microsoft environment. There are countless tools in the Teams Microsoft Store that can be integrated directly into the Teams sidebar. 

Adding Zapier to Teams

With Teams, you can communicate with your employees in real-time. On the one hand, this is possible with exchanges via the chat function. On the other, you can use audio and video calls to coordinate and hold meetings with your team from anywhere in the world. In addition, you can plan and conduct events and lectures with many listeners online.

5. timeghost 

With timeghost, we have developed a project time tracking tool, especially for all Microsoft365 users. With its integration into the Microsoft365 environment, the tool gives you the perfect basis to constantly improve your productivity by clearly recording your working hours.

Have the duration of your Teams calls, the newly created projects in Asana, the calls in Microsoft Teams, or the Outlook calendar events automatically transferred to timeghost and recorded for you as working time.

At the same time, user-friendly operation within the application is close to our hearts. Above all, timeghost is a time tracking tool that distinguishes itself from other tools through automated processes within, but also outside of the Microsoft365 environment. 

With the free 14-day trial you get insight into timeghost and can fully use the application with all features to convince yourself of our Microsoft365 project time tracking. 

Get the timeghost Teams App

All you need to do is install the timeghost Teams App directly from the AppSource Store in the application. You can find instructions here. The app includes all the features you know from the web client, and since you use your Office 365 account to access timeghost, you’ll be done in seconds.

Interesting for consultants – the timeghost partner program

We are looking for strong IT consultancies that are convinced of timeghost and would like to participate in the sales of our product. 

With the timeghost partner program, you have the opportunity to distribute and introduce timeghost to companies that need a project-based time tracking solution integrated into the Microsoft365 work environment. 

In doing so, you have the opportunity to earn passive income. 
If you win a new customer, you will share in the revenue as long as the company uses timeghost.  

You can find more information about the partner program and our participation structure on our partner website.

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