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5 mindblowing time tracking statistics

5 time tracking statistics that will blow your mind

Statistics are a wonderful thing. For those of you who have a bit of a number crunch and may still be interested in topics like time management, project management, productivity or working efficiently, this blog will be very interesting.

We have picked out 5 statistics for you on the topic of time management or time tracking that have amazed us ourselves and would like to share them with you.

mindblowing time tracking sstatistics

1. Almost 1.700.000.000 overtime hours in Germany

This statistic was collected in 2020. With 45.4 million employed in Germany, each working person has an average of just under 38 hours of overtime per year. Due to the increasing switch to working at home, it is much more difficult to separate work and private life.

The lack of separation means that people quickly check their e-mails in the evening or finish a small task. As a result, employees who work at home tend to work more overtime.
Due to the lack of spatial separation, other ways must be found in the future to separate work and private life. At this point, home office time tracking offers the possibility to solve this problem.

By automatically recording your working hours with timeghost, you can document how long you worked on which task in which project. Recording working hours shows you how long you have worked. At the same time it is easier for you to draw a line and leave your desk.

You will see that this has a noticeable positive effect on both areas of your life – your professional and your personal life!

2.9 hours of a working day (8 hours) are spent on non-work related activities

We spend more than a third of our workday doing things that have nothing to do with our core work. Most of the time we realize this only when we reach the point during the working day when we don’t have time for some To Do’s and wonder what we have done so far during the day.

You can solve this problem by recording your working hours and setting different tasks and projects, with which you can later easily track what you have worked on during the day.

With the timeghost free trial you can test a project-based time tracking for 14 days for free to see what benefits recording project working hours has for you and your team.

3. The average employee spends 21.5 hours in meetings each week and attends 62 meetings each month

This statistic also relates to employees in the United States. 21.5 hours is more than half the time spent at work, assuming an average workweek of 40 hours – clearly too much, if you ask us.

70% of meetings are a waste of time

We get confirmation of this assumption from the University of North Carolina, who asked executives about the quality of their meetings and came to the following conclusions:

70% of all meetings are a waste of time, 70%! That’s the result of a survey conducted by the University of North Carolina. The survey asked 182 executives from a variety of industries about the quality of meetings that take place every day at their companies.

Sixty-five percent of the executives said the meetings distracted them from their actual work and that they would have preferred to spend their time elsewhere. Seventy-one percent said the meetings had been unproductive and inefficient.

If you apply that percentage to the 21.5 hours of average time spent in meetings, that’s over 15 hours of unproductive work time not working on the most important tasks.

What is the point of meetings?

Meetings are primarily about agreements and coordination on various topics that are currently being worked on. Due to the many discussions, employees have much less time to implement what has been discussed and to work on it in a focused manner.

The questions you should ask yourself based on these statistics are:
  • Are all meetings necessary for me and my team?
  • How can we make our meetings more effective so we can focus on the core work?

We wrote an interesting article on the last point, in which we show you how you can make your meetings even more effective.

4. The average employee is productive for 2 hours and 53 minutes a day.

That’s only 31% of an average 8-hour workday. Working effectively is one of the most challenging tasks for any employee. Keeping the focus high for the core work is not so easy with the various distractions that exist both at home and in the office. This statistic confirms that. Almost 1/3 of our eight available working hours we are concentrated and work focused on our tasks.

Time tracking as a solution for a more productive day

You can optimize this number by looking at your working time and presenting it in a measurable way. Using the facts at hand, you can evaluate both your and your employees’ work hours, make adjustments, and ensure that the productivity of the entire team increases in the long run.

5. 86% of employees in leadership positions blame lack of collaboration as the main reason for failure in the workplace.

Communication is one of the key factors in successful project delivery. Especially in a time when remote working means that project teams usually only meet each other in team meetings instead of in the office, transparent and active exchange among each other is indispensable.

Conversations in the hallway or drinking coffee together are a thing of the past in this new age of collaboration.
This makes it all the more important for you as a project manager to communicate proactively with those involved in the project.

Proactive communication style of managers

Because a good and regular exchange has an impact on every phase of the project. On the one hand, the work is simply more fun. On the other hand, with a team for which open conversations and discussions are normal, effective work and the successful implementation of projects is pre-programmed.

Incredibly large potentials

Incredibly exciting statistics that show the potential that lies in the topic of time management and, above all, how you can get the most out of your team by recording working hours within projects.

You can find more interesting statistics under this link:


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