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5 reasons why time tracking is so crucial for consultants!

Time tracking software for you as a consultant is a great way to increase productivity in your team.

In the management consulting industry, it’s important to track work hours to know how long you worked on a project and how much you bill your clients. In addition, get an overview of where your employees spend their time and what projects they work on.

In this article, we explain why time tracking is so important for consultants and what benefits time tracking tools have for you and your consulting team.

1. Budgeting different projects

If you run a consulting business, you probably work with several clients at the same time, implementing different projects for each of them. It’s essential to accurately record your working hours, especially if you want to book them as billable and provide them directly to your client.

Time tracking tools allow you to record the hours that you or another consultant on your team spent completing tasks related to each project.

If all members of your project team record their working hours by assigning the completed activity to a task and a project, your clients will get transparent insights into the individual tasks and the billed hours of those involved in the project.

2. Show productivity in a measurable way

Time tracking gives you insight into the productivity of you and your team and identifies any problem areas early on.

By examining your tracked time, you can see which tasks are easier for you and which are harder. As a project manager, you can of course also apply this to your employees and assign tasks to other employees accordingly. This way you can improve productivity within the team.

3. Visibility

If you are a project manager overseeing a team of consultants, you need to know what each member is doing. By recording each consultant’s work hours using individual timesheets, you as a manager can see how much time each individual spends on specific tasks.

As described in the previous point, as a project manager you can make adjustments if, for example, you see that one staff member is taking longer than another to complete a task.

Example: Ben logs 10 hours on a task that takes Sarah two hours. What could be the cause? Ben is faster at another task than most other employees. Should I give him a different task that he enjoys more and is more productive in completing the project?

It shows how simple time tracking can improve transparency in a professional consulting firm and help project managers identify potential roadblocks early and make adjustments.

4. Consciously make time for tasks

We are masters at distraction! The diversity of the digital world quickly leads us to digress from important tasks. That’s why it’s even more important to be conscious of your time and focus on the actual task at hand in the best possible way.

By recording each task and the time it takes, we can focus on one task at a time.

In timeghost you can simply use the record button to record the time you need for the corresponding task.

time tracking with timeghost

5. Easily integrated into your working environment

Good time tracking systems can be easily integrated into any working environment and can be individually adapted to the processes already in place. There are workflows for project management software like Asana, Jira, Microsoft Planner or Monday.com, as well as for various CRM or ERP software connectors. 

With Microsoft Power Automate, you can create different connectors to Microsoft365 programs that allow you, for example, to create automatic time entries (duration of a Microsoft Teams call) with the captured data. 

Using Excel timesheets or other ways to track time will leave out these opportunities for integration, which in turn will negatively impact the efficiency of the company’s processes. 

If you’re a consultant with different parallel projects and you’re having a hard time keeping them neatly under one hat, project-based time tracking is a great option. 

You’ll agree that tracking work hours is essential in this industry. It’s just important that it takes little time and is easy and intuitive to use. 

That’s exactly what we set as our goal when developing the software! Have fun entering your working hours through various automations and workflows. You’ll see it has a positive impact on the productivity of your entire team!

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