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positive effects of time tracking

Time tracking – 5 positive effects for your professional life

Most people are not aware of the fact that great things can be achieved with time tracking tools in project management until they use the corresponding software themselves.

We would like to present you 5 positive effects of time tracking in your professional life, which will definitely come into effect if you use a time tracking tool like timeghost.

1. Overview

Good time tracking tools provide you with graphical representations of the tracked working hours. In the reports you can use different filters to display exactly the information you need.

Display the important information

Whether it’s the working hours of individual employees or completed projects that you want to look at again in detail – you can display all the recorded information.

This way you can draw great conclusions for future work on projects and thus constantly develop yourself further.

Profitability of projects in timeghost

At the same time, with a project time tracking tool like timeghost, you can see how profitable the work of you and your team is. Set budgets for projects and hourly rates for employees and record the working hours as billable.

With the profitability feature, you’ll get a graphical display of your income and expenses for each project. Feel free to try it out in our free trial.

2. Show productivity measurable

Tracking your hours with a time tracking tool can take the transparency and visibility of your projects to a new level. Recording working hours allows you to show the progress of your projects in a measurable way, opening up whole new possibilities for evaluation and optimization.

Problems are identified earlier – and solutions found faster

The advantage of this is that we can identify causes of potential project problems better and earlier, and therefore come up with solutions more quickly, which allows us to reach our goal faster.

3. Protection

With the introduction of working time recording in companies, there can be distrustful misinterpretations h on the part of employees. Employees often blame a lack of trust in their own people or a lack of productivity as arguments for introducing project time recording.

Unpaid overtime no longer exists

However, the introduction of time tracking software usually has something positive in itself for employees – protection against too much overtime.

By accurately recording working hours, unpaid overtime is eliminated because it is clearly tracked who worked for how long. This transparent and traceable presentation of working hours means that employees can always be sure that the time they have worked will be paid out.

Maintaining a work-life balance

In addition, employees who work from home in particular find it much easier to separate their professional and private lives. The measurable representation of working hours makes it easier for employees to draw a line in the sand, as they can see exactly that they have reached the agreed working hours.

In Germany, occupational health and safety laws are currently being adapted to require employers to provide their employees with objective and transparent ways of tracking their working hours. In particular, the use of digital time recording tools is the best and simplest solution.

Protection instead of control

Nowadays, it is no longer primarily about controlling employees, but rather about protecting them. Control is a resulting side effect, but it no longer plays a major role.

4. Optimize time & project management

The use of time tracking systems will have a positive impact on your time and project management. For one, you’ll be much more aware of your working hours through regular tracking and focus more on individual tasks.

Automate your processes

On the other hand, cloud-based work environments and timeghost give you the opportunity to link your time and project management programs, such as Microsoft Planner, Asana, Jira, or Microsoft To Do, in such a way that events are displayed directly in timeghost.

The projects you create in Planner are automatically created as projects in timeghost, saving you a lot of manual work and giving you clear display options for your projects at the same time.

Microsoft Power Automate & Zapier

Via Microsoft Power Automate and Zapier, we have over 6000 software programs for which workflows can be created. We are happy to help you create workflows to best integrate timeghost into the processes of your existing work environments.

5. Transparency

The transparent display of working times is not only a great advantage for employees and project managers. Customers for whom your company implements projects can understand which tasks were worked on and how long what took, thanks to the transparency regarding working hours.

Using the export function in the dashboard, you can provide your customers with Excel or CSV files to show them the individual work steps from the beginning to the end of the project.

Track your times with timeghost

Try it out for yourself and track your working hours with our tool for 14 days for free – you’ll see, it’s worth it and fun at the same time!

Here you will learn how to best get started with our software so that it immediately provides you with added value.

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