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8 tips for more relaxed work

8 tips for more relaxed work

“Sometimes the most productive thing is to relax! ”

– Mark Black, Keynote Speaker

Stressful and hectic work is highly regarded in our society. The more stressful and hectic, the harder we work. But does this make sense?

Should stress and hectic work be so important when our productivity, enjoyment of work, and efficiency may be suffering?

Our goal is to help people reach their full potential at work. However, you’ll never achieve that through constant stress. We can only fully access our potential if we regularly put ourselves in a state of flow. To do this, we need to reduce stress and the hectic pace of work.

Relaxed work is the door to a flow state and productive work that will bring you a lot of joy.

That’s why we’ve put together the top 8 tips that will help you work in a relaxed way to get into the flow state as often as possible!

1. Set priorities

By planning your tasks and prioritizing them, you will tackle the tasks with the most leverage first. By doing this, you’ll make sure ahead of time that you don’t fall into time pressure or anything like that.

For this, there are super effective and simple tools and models to set priorities. Microsoft To Do or Microsoft Planner (for different projects) have great ways to prioritize and manage tasks.

2. Balancing activities with work

Balancing work is another important factor to be relaxed while working. Especially for colleagues who spend most of their working hours sitting in front of a desk looking into a computer, balancing activities are crucial.

Physical activity helps combat stress. So take advantage of the time to go for a walk during your lunch break and also move around after work to clear your head.

3. Get to the office before the others

Being in the office 30-60 minutes before your other colleagues is pure power time.

During this time you can be sure that no one will disturb you: no calls, no distractions or messages. Use this time for the most important task, the one that has the most leverage.

Within this time you will work fully concentrated and will not fall into stress or hectic. Because you have already dealt with the most important tasks before others arrive, you will be more relaxed throughout the workday and even more productive.

4. Schedule time between meetings

Microsoft’s recently released Work Trend Index 2022 found that meetings have increased many times over in recent times.

Most of them are unnecessary, according to participants. For one thing, it’s important to weigh which meetings are important and which are not.

However, the time in between is crucial to process and evaluate completed meetings. For example, shorten your meetings by 15 minutes. You’ll get a lot done right away, and you’ll still have the opportunity to reflect on the meeting beforehand.

5. Positivity

Everything is easier for happy people. Optimism makes many things in life easier – including work. A positive attitude increases both your motivation while working and your enjoyment of the tasks you work on every day.

6. Record your working hours

Recording your work hours allows you to see what tasks and projects you’ve been working on. It raises your awareness of time management, time allocation and productivity and makes it easier for you to focus on just one task.

Through the start/stop function in timeghost you can record exactly how long you have been working on a task. Start the stopwatch and stop it when the task is completed. You are more concentrated during the implementation and can even evaluate and track afterwards what you were working on and at what time.

timeghost timer for more relaxed work

At the same time, you always have an overview of your working hours and can better switch off and relax after work. Especially for people who work remotely, this is a great advantage.

Try timeghost for free! We are looking forward to you!

7. Prepare your day

By planning your next workday either right after work or the same evening, you’ll notice that you’re more relaxed when implementing tasks.

Since you know exactly what you have to do, you’ll not only be more relaxed, but you’ll also achieve your goals faster because you won’t have to think much about what to do next while you’re working.

8. Listen to music

Especially open-plan offices, where there is often a high volume level, can quickly become a source of stress. Noise-canceling headphones and music that gets you in the flow will increase your ability to concentrate while working in a more relaxed manner.

“There is power in silence”

– Confucius.

By creating a relaxed work atmosphere for yourself, you will work more productively. That’s why relaxing music and a low volume level are great ways to work effectively and calmly.

These were 8 tips that will make you more relaxed and at the same time more productive at work.

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