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Microsoft Ignite 2022

Microsoft Ignite 2022 – What the focus is for the future of work

At Ignite, Microsoft has published new, interesting information about the future direction of work. Above all, the focus has been placed on interactive and simple exchange via Microsoft Teams. In addition, it is about new collaboration experiences within Microsoft365 and the Metaverse. 

There are many interesting things in this article from Microsoft about working with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft365 in the future. 

We summarize the most important information for you as a timeghost user in this article. 

Microsoft 365 – success with the right energy

“We believe that energized, empowered employees are the key to a durable, competitive advantage for every organization.”

– Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft365 

With this statement, we think Microsoft hits the right spot. Especially in times of increasingly hybrid work, it is all the more important to motivate employees and build a culture that enables them to bond with their colleagues. This should allow them to work together interactively, regardless of location. 

Microsoft has therefore set itself the task of making the best possible use of the technical possibilities to set new standards in the future direction of our work. Microsoft365 with Microsoft Teams already offers great solutions for both employers and employees.

Microsoft Teams as the center of the Microsoft365 work environment

Microsoft Teams is the central communication platform in Microsoft365 and is critical to building interpersonal relationships in a business context. 

Microsoft Teams is the app at the center of Microsoft 365. With more than 270 million monthly active users, Teams has changed how people work more than any other app in the past 20 years.”

– Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft365 

That’s most noticeable in the features designed to make conversations as productive and interactive as possible. 

Metaverse from Microsoft Teams at Microsoft Ignite

With new developments towards Metaverse, Teams is aiming for a new way of collaboration that allows you to interact with your colleagues through mesh avatars, even without a camera. 

Metaverse from Microsoft Teams at Microsoft Ignite

We at timeghost are very excited to see how collaboration works in the Metaverse. 

Improving the way you work with collaboration experiences

“Across Microsoft 365 and Teams, we’re making work better with collaboration experiences designed for synchronous and asynchronous collaboration, creation and expression, and business processes in the flow of work.”

– Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft365 

New feature: Excel-Live in Microsoft Teams

“Rolling out in November 2022, Excel Live transforms how people collaborate in meetings, enabling every participant to live-edit the Excel file directly, right from Teams—without ever opening the file.”

– Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft365 

If you work with Excel a lot, you’ll love this feature. It shows once again how central Microsoft Teams is to the Microsoft365 cosmos and the possibilities that will be open to you in the future with Teams. This is just one collaboration feature out of many. We can be sure that there will be a lot more within Teams in this regard in the future. 

Integrate third-party apps directly into Microsoft Teams.

Along with extensibility through workflows and collaboration experiences with other Microsoft programs comes third-party apps that you can download from the Microsoft Teams Store and integrate directly into the Teams app.

The Teams Store contains over 500 third-party apps that you can use to customize and extend your Teams environment. Check out the Microsoft Teams Store to get an overview of all the apps available to you.

Project time tracking directly in Microsoft Teams

With the ability to integrate third-party apps into Teams, we’ve been able to provide our users with a project time tracking solution designed specifically for Microsoft Teams and the Microsoft365 work environment. You can track your working hours directly in Teams without having to open another application in parallel. timeghost is displayed directly in the Teams sidebar. 

timeghost in microsoft teams

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