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7 most popular tools to connect to timeghost

7 most popular tools to connect to timeghost

The possibilities of the digital work environment are great. Exchange, both on the interpersonal and information level, has never been so easy. Data can be exchanged between different programs to map processes in a more automated way. 

At timeghost we use two web services that make it possible to create individual workflows to use programs even more effectively: 

– Zapier
– Microsoft Power Automate

Zapier and Microsoft Power Automate briefly and simply explained

Zapier and Microsoft Power Automate are easy-to-use web services that allow you to automate actions between different web apps that you use in your daily work. Most importantly, you save a lot of time by creating them, because you can automate manual tasks that you do every day by creating “Zaps” or Power Automate connectors.

timeghost offers over 5000 Zapier connectors. Here you can also see the connection options that timeghost offers with Microsoft Power Automate. However, we also offer the option of creating individual workflows specifically for your company’s needs. Just send us a short mail to [email protected].

zapier timeghost connectors

The 7 most popular workflows from timeghost users

Here are the 7 most popular programs and workflows that timeghost users use to work more effectively!

1. Microsoft Teams

For the Microsoft365 environment, Microsoft Teams is the central communication platform for agile teams. Teams provides its users with connection options to Microsoft programs, but also to applications that are not represented in the Microsoft cosmos. 

Since timeghost was developed specifically for the Microsoft environment, we naturally offer several workflows to various Microsoft programs, which you can activate directly in timeghost. 

timeghost Feed your Feed

timeghost feed your feed

The timeghost Feed your Feed – feature is like a suction, where you can determine which data from which programs is pulled into timeghost. You can select for different Microsoft programs whether data from the corresponding programs should be displayed in timeghost. 

Worfklow timeghost – Microsoft Teams 

All calls are automatically tracked as working time in timeghost

In the Microsoft Teams example, all calls with colleagues are displayed directly in timeghost and you can assign them to a project and task with just a few clicks. The calls are recorded with start and end time, so that exactly the time span of the call is automatically recorded. 

2. Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex Meetings is a tool from Cisco that allows you to hold video conferences. Webex is comparable to other communication platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Slack. As with Microsoft Teams, you can also create workflows to timeghost in Webex.

Workflow timeghost – Cisco Webex

When a new meeting is created, a feed item is automatically created in timeghost. 

This allows you to enter your meetings directly as a time entry in timeghost, just like with teams. To make working with Webex even easier for you, we will release our software for Cisco Webex users in the next weeks. 
This will allow you to record your working hours directly with timeghost in Webex. Here you can see a sneak peek of what timeghost looks like in Cisco Webex.

timeghost in Cisco Webex

3. Asana

Asana helps you manage your projects and serves as a central project management software with which you have other functions besides project management. Despite being a comprehensive all-in-one solution, Asana is intuitive and easy to use.

A big advantage besides the software are the available connections to other programs. This includes integrations of various programs in Asana, but also automated workflows that are possible for programs such as Microsoft Teams or timeghost.

Workflows timeghost – Asana

Every time you add an Asana project, a new timeghost project is also added.

Every time you close one of your tasks in an Asana project, a custom event is automatically created in your timeghost feed.

We will also be listed as an integrated app in the Asana Store in the near future.

4. Quickbooks

Quickbooks is an accounting software that can be very helpful, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. Quickbooks and timeghost also offer linking options. Especially when it comes to creating invoices, an automatic workflow can save a lot of time.

With timeghost as a project time tracking system, you can record working hours and then create an invoice in Quickbooks – automatically.

Workflow timeghost – Quickbooks

When billable time entries are created in timeghost, they are sent directly to Quickbooks for invoice creation

5. Trello

Trello is a web-based project management solution that primarily helps its users to digitally manage, prioritize and control their projects.

If you use timeghost and Trello in your company, you have great possibilities to automatically record your working hours, especially with Trello Cards. You can trigger this from both timeghost and Trello.

Workflows timeghost – Trello

When a card is moved to Trello, it is automatically created in feed element in timeghost.

When a map is added to Trello, it is automatically added as a task in timeghost.

When a project is created in timeghost, this project is automatically created as a card in Trello.

6. Jira

The Jira software is a web application from Atlassian that is used for problem handling, bug management and operational project management. Since timeghost is a project time tracking application, we also mainly stay in this area when it comes to workflows. Similar to the other project management tools already presented, interesting automatic processes to timeghost can also be established with Jira.

Workflows timeghost – Jira

Every time you add a card to a specific JIRA project, a task is created in timeghost.

Every time you finish a task in JIRA, a custom event is automatically created in your timeghost feed.

7. MeisterTask

MeisterTask is also a project management tool that has great connectivity options with timeghost.

In Zapier you have different choices for this.

timeghost and meistertask

Workflows timeghost – MeisterTask

When a project is created in MeisterTask, a project is automatically created in timeghost.

When a new task is added in MeisterTask, this task is automatically added in timghost.

When a new checklist item is added to a task, a feed item is automatically created with this item to post it directly as a time entry to the task in the corresponding project.

These were the 7 most popular workflows from timeghost users. Which flows would you like to see in the future?

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