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timeghost app for cisco webex

timghost integrated in Cisco Webex App – Track your working hours directly in Webex

In addition to the timeghost app for Microsoft Teams, we now offer our customers timeghost application in the Cisco Webex app.

In this blog, you’ll learn how to install the timeghost app in Webex and get insights into the timeghost app for Webex as well as features that will help you in your daily use of timeghost in Webex.

Be excited!

Automated project time tracking

Outlook calendar events, activities of your project management tool – everything can be automatically recorded in timeghost and posted to the appropriate projects and tasks!

Through automated workflows to Microsoft365 programs and other tools, you can integrate processes into your work environment that show you activities of various programs directly and automatically in timeghost. Take a look at Zapier or Microsoft Power Automate and get a first overview of the many automation possibilities with timeghost and other programs.

How do you start timeghost in Webex?

  1. Open a Webex space
  2. Click on + Apps
  3. Select “timeghost
  4. Use your Microsoft 365 account to log in to timeghost.

SSO with Microsoft365 account in Webex

To make logging into timeghost as easy as possible, all you need is your Microsoft365 account. Enter it in the login field and you can use timeghost directly in Webex for you and your team!

create time entry in webex

Clear evaluations of your teams working hours in Webex

Through clear evaluations, which are graphically prepared and adapted to your needs through various filters, you can draw the right conclusions for you and your team. Whether billable or non-billable, whether customer, customer Y, project 1 or 2, employee Franz or employee Josef, timeghost gives you exactly the information you need – clear and meaningful!

timeghost dashboard in webex

timeghost Profitability

Measure the profitability of your projects and keep track of them as a project manager or administrator!

timeghost profiitability in webex

Get the timeghost Webex App

Download the timeghost App for Cisco Webex here, follow the 4 steps above and try it out right away!

Try timeghost 14 days for free and book a live demo

You can find out more features by testing timeghost 14 days for free. Alternatively, we offer you to book a live demo with us, where we will guide you through the application, answer your questions and give you a first impression of our project time tracking.

Interesting for consultants – the timeghost partner program

We are looking for strong IT consultancies that are convinced of timeghost and would like to participate in the sales of our product.

With the timeghost partner program, you have the opportunity to distribute and introduce timeghost to companies that need a project-based time tracking solution integrated into the Microsoft365 work environment.
In doing so, you have the opportunity to earn passive income.
If you win a new customer, you will share in the revenue as long as the company uses timeghost.

You can find more information about the partner program and our participation structure on our partner website.

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