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hybrid working with timeghost and other Webex integrations

Simple and efficient – hybrid work with timeghost and other Webex integrations

“We are committed to making the world a better place and driving an inclusive future for all.”

– Dave West, President of Cisco

The pandemic has been instrumental as an accelerator of growing digital capabilities for businesses. While it hasn’t been an easy time, we can emerge stronger and use the technology at our disposal to our advantage.

This belief is shared by Cisco and Webex employees, who recognize that Webex as a communications platform will be made even better with the integration of additional software products. In the current blog of Webex, the advantages of embedded apps in Webex are described very well.

The power of hybrid work in Webex

Webex aims to evolve in the area of hybrid working with new features (e.g. integration of other programs into Webex) and offer its customers a new, even more efficient user experience.

“…hybrid working is on the rise, with redesigned workspaces, flexible work styles, and better security and manageability. ”

– Jeetu Patel, Cisco’s EVP & GM, Security and Collaboration

With all of these features accessible to Webex users, Webex primarily improves the productivity of teams that want to work with multiple programs simultaneously.

In addition to showcasing the possibilities offered by integrating apps into Webex, Cisco Live also featured the best tools that Webex users can integrate into their work environment to more effectively map their processes.

“…treated to a wide selection of valuable Webex and partner applications, including Slido for live polling and Q&A, PeakAmplify for real-time wallboards and analytics, Miro for visual brainstorming during meetings, Lucid for collaborative virtual whiteboarding, Morgen for streamlined time management, meeting co-pilot Tactiq to transcribe and preserve conversations, timeghost for time tracking, and mmhmm for video meeting engagement.”

– Webex Blog “Cisco Partners are “All In” at Cisco Live in Melbourne” by Colm Mcnelis

Simple and very efficient time tracking in Webex

With timeghost, we offer Webex users the ability to track their own digital activities of their Microsoft 365 environment for later tracking and analysis.

For example, Teams calls and Outlook calendar entries are tracked automatically and to the minute. You can specify in advance which programs in your Microsoft 365 environment are to be tracked. We have predefined templates with Microsoft Power Automate. In addition, Zapier gives you the option to connect other programs to timeghost to ensure automated time tracking for all tools.

The timeghost-in-Webex integration makes it possible for you to never leave the Webex application when tracking your working times with timeghost.

In the blog, timeghost is described by Webex as follows:

“Taming complexity is extremely important as part of hybrid work, and timeghost delivers on this need making it easy and simple.”

– Webex Blog “Cisco partners are “All In” at Cisco Live in Melbourne” by Colm Mcnelis
timeghost Dashboard webex integration

Get the timeghost Webex app free for 14 days

Download the timeghost app for Cisco Webex here, follow the 4 steps and try it 14 days for free right now!

How do you start timeghost in Webex?

  1. Open a Webex space
  2. Click on + Apps
  3. Select “timeghost
  4. Use your Microsoft 365 account to log in to timeghost.

You can get an overview of the features and more insights on the website and in this post (specifically for Webex).

Instructions for on-boarding and further questions?

You can always book a live demo with us. Whether answering important questions or guiding your staff’s on-boarding, we’re here for you and very happy to share ideas. Don’t hesitate and contact us – also by mail to [email protected]. We look forward to the exchange.

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