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best timeghost features 2022

The best timeghost-Features in 2022

The year 2022 was an exciting year for all of us – thank you for the time you spent together with us until here!

Here’s a brief overview of the most important new features that were added to timeghost in 2022:

Duration and flexible mode

In addition to the start-end mode, the duration mode is also available to you as a user when manually creating new time entries. Here you don’t have to define a start and end time for a task, but only the duration. The admin of your workspace can determine via the workspace settings which of the two modes is available to the team or whether the users themselves are allowed to switch flexibly between both modes.

timeghost time mode fields

Task suggestions

In the timer area, each user is now shown suggested project-task combinations based on his last created time entries when describing a new task. Also displayed here are his personal feed events from today.



Via the evaluation area, users can now edit or delete multiple of their own time entries at the same time; admins and project managers can also edit or delete (multiple) time entries of other users or project members.


Users or groups can be automatically reminded by email at a defined time every day or week to update their times if the sum of their time entries falls below a certain value to date.

timeghost daily reminders

Project templates

The project templates help you to minimize the administrative effort when creating new projects and to define general structures. If your user or group is authorized to create new projects, you can also create new templates as well as use existing templates when creating projects.

Customer area

The customer area has been expanded with various fields that allow you to store various customer information and simplify customer maintenance in timeghost. In addition, a customer’s projects are now directly linked to the respective customer.

timeghost Webex App

Thanks to the new Webex integration, you can now record your working hours directly in Webex without leaving the application.

timeghost Dashboard webex integration

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