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Why agile project teams should track their working hours in 2023

Why agile project teams should track their working hours in 2023

To be successful in 2023, agile teams should continue to focus on flexibility, quick adaptability and the best possible team collaboration, just as in previous years.

An important component of an agile way of working is transparency and clarity of project progress and times.

Time tracking software like timeghost can help accurately record and track the time employees invest in various tasks.

In this blog, you’ll learn why agile teams should use project time tracking systems to hit the ground running in 2023. Plus, we’ll show you the benefits of working transparently in terms of flexibility, adaptability, and productivity.

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Why time tracking will be important for agile teams in 2023?

Time tracking promotes transparent working. By accurately recording working hours within a completed project, new potentials are released, which are promoted by different functions in timeghost.

In 2023, it will still be important for agile teams to remain as lean and adaptable as possible!

Flexibility, efficient planning and speed of implementation

Agile teams rely on flexibility and speed to adapt to changing customer needs and make rapid progress. By tracking team members’ working hours, more effective planning and resource allocation is possible.

In timeghost, you get exactly the information about your team’s working hours that you request. Detailed analyses allow you to take a bird’s eye view at any time of the project and to steer your team accordingly and to adjust, re-plan and structure projects even during implementation.

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Overview of working hours

With timeghost, employees know exactly which tasks they worked on today, yesterday or 5 weeks ago. This allows them to better manage and track their working hours.

By having all team members record and share their working hours, everyone knows who is working on which tasks and when, and can better coordinate with each other.

In turn, this transparent way of presenting time represents efficiencies in planning, budgeting, and managing the project.

Here you get insights into the features of our project time tracking:

In timeghost Timer you can easily and automatically record your working hours.

The timeghost Dashboard gives you the necessary overview of the working times tracked by you and your project members.

With the timeghost Team Activity feature you can see “live” who is working on which task in the project. It shows you the last 25 time entries of your team.

Meet deadlines and goals with timeghost

Time tracking can also help the team meet their goals and deadlines. By tracking work time, managers and team members can see how much time has been spent on specific tasks and whether projects are on schedule. This way, they can take timely countermeasures if necessary.

Strengthen employee satisfaction

From our users’ experience, timeghost helps improve employee satisfaction by ensuring that team members use their time wisely and focus on the most important tasks. They see how they use their time and realize that this is crucial to the success of the project. This increases the satisfaction and motivation of team members.

In addition, with timeghost it is possible to separate more clearly when project members have a break and when they are working. Especially in times when remote work is taking an ever-increasing share of employees, time tracking can become a great friend in this area.


These were the benefits and the opportunities that timeghost as a time tracking system provides to agile teams to be even more successful and productive in 2023. We firmly believe that transparent working in an agile project team leads to an increase in efficiency and quality.

This transparency can be reflected by recording working hours. It enables a clear presentation of project progress, easy budgeting & planning of projects and also increases employee satisfaction.

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