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Top 5 productivity apps from the Webex App Hub

Top 5 productivity apps from the Webex App Hub

In our fast-paced world, it’s more important than ever to stay productive and make sure teams have the most efficient processes possible. There are now a variety of tools and apps that can help us better manage our time and optimize our work.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the top 5 productivity tools for Cisco Webex that can help you and your project team achieve goals faster by using your time even more efficiently.

1. Huddle.ai

The first productivity tool is Huddle.ai, an artificial intelligence software used to encourage and gather employee feedback and participation in organizations.

Huddl ensures that all meeting data is captured, prioritized, and delivered to relevant participants via cutting-edge AI technology. During meetings, you can save important moments in real time, but without having to manually document anything.

As a result, Huddle helps employees make better decisions by providing the most relevant information at any given time. Ideas and opinions from employees can also be collected and help make more informed decisions.

As a result, business results will be improved and the project team will achieve its goals faster.  

2. timeghost – automated time tracking for Microsoft365 users

Our automated time tracking is also available in Cisco Webex. With the timeghost app for Webex, we offer project teams the ability to track their own digital activities of their Microsoft 365 environment for later tracking and evaluation.

For example, Teams calls and Outlook calendar entries are tracked automatically and to the minute. Select the programs most important to you that timeghost should include in the automated tracking of your working hours.

Get inspired by already created workflows

We have predefined templates with Microsoft Power Automate. In addition, Zapier gives you the option to connect other programs to timeghost to ensure automated time tracking for all tools.

In Webex, you and your team can use the full feature set of timeghost without leaving the app.

more productivity with the timeghost dashboard in webex

Feel free to try it out!

Get the best experience of the product with the 14 days free trail. Create projects, tasks and let timeghost track your first times. Add team members and get feedback from your project members. Of course, your team can use the full feature set of timeghost during this period.

On-boarding made easy! Book a no-obligation live demo

In the timeghost live demo, we will present our product to you in its entirety and work out scenarios on how you can best use our project time tracking for you and your company.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

3. Miro

Miro is an online collaboration platform mainly used by teams in companies to plan, organize and visualize their work. Miro allows teams to visualize and share projects and ideas in a visual way. This improves communication and collaboration within the team, which in turn increases productivity. 

Other core benefits of Miro include the ability to support remote teams and integration with other tools and platforms such as Cisco Webex. This makes it easier to work with Miro, as you can use its full range of features directly in Webex.

more productivity with miro in webex
Miro in Webex

4. Scrum Genius

ScrumGenius is a platform for using Scrum in a simple and straightforward way. The tool automates surveys, meetings and daily reports across time zones so your team can work on projects anytime, anywhere. 

In doing so, you can reduce redundant, long meetings, and other distractions while tracking your team’s progress to project completion. Regular meetings about the current status or progress of the project become unnecessary. Instead, the entire team can focus on the important tasks required for the project.

5. Slido

If you want to work more interactively in your meetings, Slido is the right tool. In your Webex meetings, live polls, group decisions or a quiz in Cisco Webex can be done in a completely straightforward way.

You can use Slido in meetings, conferences, and training sessions to increase attendee interaction and participation.

Especially the uncomplicated and fast execution of surveys is a great advantage in important meetings. The questions created are recorded and made available to the participants after the meeting.

Slido in Webex

These were 5 productivity tools that will make your work in Webex easier and make you and your team even more productive.

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