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Time tracking and its impact on employee satisfaction

Time tracking and its impact on employee satisfaction

Time tracking is not only used to track employee work hours and tasks, but it can also have a positive impact on employee satisfaction.

In this blog article, we want to look at the benefits of time tracking for employees.

We’ll show you how time tracking software like timeghost helps so that employees can complete their tasks more efficiently and optimally track the work they’ve done, among other things.

1. Transparent work

By using time tracking, each employee’s working hours are accurately documented, which makes it possible to track the work process from start to finish. This promotes transparency in the workplace and helps identify and correct potential problems or inequities. In addition, customers can also track which tasks were worked on and for how long.

We have written a detailed article on the areas where time tracking promotes transparent working and the benefits of doing so.

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2. Fairness in remuneration

Recorded working hours can be used to ensure that employees are paid fairly for the time they work. This ensures that every employee is properly compensated for the work they do, regardless of how much time they actually spent on the job.

Minute-by-minute tracking of overtime

Overtime monitoring: Overtime can quickly become a burden, especially if it goes unpaid. Using time tracking can make overtime management more effective by accurately recording and paying for overtime. Tracking times also ensures that employees are not working more than they should to avoid overtime.

Minute-by-minute billing capability for client projects

In addition to the benefits for employees, for client projects you have the ability to charge time worked to the client project to the minute and billable. Agencies, IT companies, architects, consulting companies and freelancers in particular can benefit from this, as they can book every minute for the customer on a billable basis.

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3.Work more efficiently with a time tracking tool like timeghost

A time tracking tool like ours helps track work progress and ensure that employees are working within the time frame set for their tasks. Among other things, this helps ensure that projects are completed on time.

Better planning

Accurate monitoring of work hours can also help in planning projects. There are companies that use accurate time records to monitor and plan for resource availability. This can help ensure that projects run smoothly and are completed within the time frame.

Cost Savings

Tracking times helps to cut costs. Overtime can be expensive. These can be avoided, for example, by not having employees spend unnecessary time on their tasks. By setting an hourly budget for the relevant tasks, projects can be implemented more efficiently and costs can be kept within the specified limits.

4. Employee motivation and responsibility

Time tracking helps to define the responsibilities of employees. At the same time, it ensures that everyone has completed their tasks at the given time. By clearly assigning tasks, tasks are completed more effectively and at the same time, teamwork is encouraged.

Presentation of progress

Accurate tracking of working hours helps to map the progress of employees. There is no confusion about who completed which tasks and when, and it can be ensured that everyone stays on track. In addition, progress can be measured and evaluated. The transparent presentation of progress motivates employees in their daily work!

Avoiding misunderstandings

Accurate monitoring of working hours helps avoid misunderstandings. There is no confusion about who has completed which tasks and when, and it ensures that everyone is on the same page.

Projects are carried out more smoothly and the motivation or enthusiasm of employees to continue working on the project increases.

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