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SAP and timeghost - track working times automatically

SAP and timeghost – automatic time tracking

SAP offers extensive applications, including software for tracking working times. It is difficult to combine the features of the applications with the requirements of the companies.

That’s why timeghost offers companies the possibility to record their working times in an easy and intuitive way. The working times are transferred to the SAP system without any problems.

In this blog, you will learn how the process of recording working hours with timeghost is more effective for SAP users. In addition, we will show you in a concrete use case how a workflow with timeghost and SAP can run.

Actual situation of many companies regarding working time recording

Currently, many employees who work with SAP still record their working hours using Excel. The tables are sent to the HR department and entered into the system. Companies do not want manual recording of working times, but smooth processes that take little time!

In addition, the Excel files lack authorization levels. This means that every employee who can access the file can see the working times of colleagues.

SAP – timeghost use case for employees and the HR department

Automated time tracking for employees with timeghost

As soon as employees record their working hours in timeghost, time-consuming Excel spreadsheets and the tedious entry of manual work are a thing of the past. Instead, with timeghost they use a tool that automates the process of recording working hours and makes it more effective.

timeghost has focused on the Microsoft365 work environment. Workflows make it possible to automatically turn data from different Microsoft365 programs into time entries. Users see these directly in timeghost and can book them to a project or task.

Companies select for which Microsoft365 applications time entries should be created. In the Feed, Microsoft Power Automate or Zapier, there is a choice of over 5000 workflows to other applications.

In the timer, you select the task and project to which the time entry will be posted. Within a few clicks, the working time is recorded and employees can concentrate on the important tasks again.

timeghost timer

timeghost for the HR department – Easy entry of working times into the SAP system

Instead of sending times to the HR department as separate Excel spreadsheets, employees do nothing more than enter their working times in timeghost. HR departments stay within the application when entering working times into SAP. Authorization levels allow the company to decide who can access which working times.

Since HR managers check employee working times, they should have access to all working times so that they can evaluate them accordingly.

Precise evaluation of working times with the timeghost Dashboard

The Dashboard provides the HR department with clear representations of employees’ working hours. In addition, those responsible can use timeghost’s filter bar to display detailed information, which is not possible with manually created Excel tables.

timeghost dashboard for HR-departments in SAP


By tracking working times in your company with timeghost, you can record your work processes in the SAP system more easily and at the same time record your working times more effectively.

For employees, the possibility of automated working time recording is given. The HR department can make evaluations with the dashboard to keep an overview. At the same time, working times can be transferred from timeghost to the SAP system without Excel spreadsheets.

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