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Software purchase decision process - What are the requirements for new software?

Software purchase decision process – What are the requirements for new software?

The right software purchase is one of the key factors of every successful running company. The selection of the appropriate software solution also plays an important role. The integration of software into the working environment of your company or team should correspond exactly to the needs and requirements that are assumed.  

In this article we will show you what the most important requirements are when buying software, in order to find a tool that fits the needs of your company. 

1. Compatibility of the software with the working environment 

An important factor in choosing the right software solution is its compatibility with your working environment. You should make sure that you can take full advantage of the working environment when you integrate the software.  

At timeghost, for example, this means logging in with a Microsoft365 account. We specialize in the Microsoft365 environment, which is why timeghost can only be used with a Microsoft365 account. This opens the door to take full advantage of all timeghost has to offer.  

In addition, you can also use timeghost in the Webex environment. Check out the corresponding blogs where we introduce you to the timeghost-Webex integration and show what options are available in Cisco-Webex for timeghost users.  

With the compatibility check you can avoid complications in advance by limiting yourself to the working environments of the tools you want to test.  

Software purchase decision process - What are the requirements for new software?

2. Automated workflows to other programs 

Isolated solutions may help you with a specific problem. But if you have the possibility to create a network of automated processes, where different programs can benefit from each other, you will work maximally effectively. Take advantage of the software and connectivity to other tools.  

With Zapier and Power Automate you have almost unlimited possibilities, for example, to connect timeghost with the tools you already use. Zapier offers over 5000 workflows for timeghost. In Microsoft Power Automate, efficient, pre-built workflows have also been created. 

You need an individual workflow for timeghost? No problem, we are happy to support you! Contact us at [email protected] or book a live demo with us!   

3. Easy handling / uncomplicated onboarding 

Ease of use and quick onboarding should be among the basic requirements. Companies and teams should not spend a lot of time understanding and setting up the software, but should be able to take advantage of it as quickly as possible.  

Easy, straightforward operation of the software straightforward on-boarding are other important factors in selecting the right software solution. The software should be easy and intuitive to use to facilitate onboarding.  

To find out if a software is quick to set up, the following questions are helpful:  

  • How do I add employees? Is SSO possible? 
  • Is there extensive on-boarding support that can answer any questions quickly? 
  • Does the software have an intuitive user interface? 
  • Are there tutorials that make it easier to learn? 
  • Are there test options in the form of free trials? 

4. Security requirements must be met 

Security is another important criterion when choosing the right software solution. Make sure that the software meets the required security standards and protects data from unauthorized access. It is important that the software solution is regularly maintained and updated to minimize potential security risks. 

Software should be DSGVO or GDPR – permissible

The topic of data security plays a crucial role, especially in working time recording, as our tool involves working with sensitive data. Therefore, it is all the more important for us to meet the security standards of the DSGVO/GDPR in order to offer maximum data security to all users.   


Selecting the appropriate software solution is an important decision-making process that should be carried out carefully. A careful review of the above criteria will help in finding the right software solution. Create the conditions that meet the requirements and needs of your company or team. 

It is important that all aspects are carefully considered to minimize risks and improve the effectiveness of the work process.

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