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Why IT Managers Should Track Their Times With timeghost

Why IT Managers Should Track Their Times With timeghost

The IT industry is known for its rapid developments, tight schedules and high demands on efficiency and productivity. In this dynamic environment, time is one of the most valuable resources available to IT organizations. 

In IT, time is not only a limited resource, but also a crucial factor for competitive success. This makes it all the more important as a project manager in IT to be able to present project work times in a measurable way and evaluate them quickly in order to increase the company’s effectiveness in the long term.  

In this blog article, we’ll show you how IT project managers can best use timeghost as a tool for recording working hours.  

Automatic time tracking – 3 clicks to time entry 

Make it easier for your entire team to enter working hours. Our tool automatically records your team’s working hours. Our tool records the activities of your Microsoft 365 apps and creates time entries from them. This is a great relief for you and your employees and saves a lot of time when entering working hours! 

All Microsoft 365 activities automatically turn into a time entry

Most customers use Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Planner and Outlook as apps for recording working times in the software. 

timeghost Feed for it-managers

In the feed, timeghost creates automatic time entries for you, which you can record as working time in the software with just a few clicks. I mainly use Teams and Microsoft Outlook to record my working hours. All activities are displayed directly in timeghost.  

The big advantage: I don’t even have to manually enter what I’ve been working on! timeghost takes care of that for me. The only thing to do: Assign the time entry to a project and a task. It takes just 3 clicks – select project, select task, book time entry! 

Resource optimization made easy – with a time tracking system 

Effective resource optimization of crucial importance for the success of companies. Resources such as time, personnel, technology and financial resources are limited and should therefore be used efficiently to achieve maximum results. For the time factor, timeghost intervenes as a time recording system! 

In the IT industry, it is crucial to identify bottlenecks and inefficient processes early on in order to improve a company’s performance and productivity. timeghost provides detailed insights into employees’ working hours and workload. 

Simple evaluations of working hours 

In timeghost’s evaluations you get exactly the information you need. In the filter bar, select the projects, people or tasks you want to see. Then you can select the time period and you’ll get a clear overview of all the working times you were looking for.  

Target hours 

Set how many hours your employees work per day. With the target hours feature you and your employees can see if they have overtime or not. This way you can see if your employees are overloaded in their tasks and projects and possibly make adjustments. In addition, you can use the posted work hours to see how long employees have been working on a task.  

This allows you to make timely adjustments by assigning additional resources to employees or reallocating tasks to ensure optimal utilization. 

Overall, by tracking and properly evaluating your working hours, you increase the efficiency of your entire team and can better meet relevant deadlines and customer requirements.  

Full project transparency for IT managers 

What IT manager hasn’t experienced this? Complex project structures can quickly lead to losing track of important tasks. Transparency helps create a common understanding of project progress, goals and requirements. 

In addition, transparency helps to identify problems and risks in a timely manner. As mentioned in the previous section, working transparently and openly can identify resource bottlenecks early on. Time recording helps you and your team proactively consider and implement actions. 

In addition, the transparent handling of working hours means that trust with customers is strengthened by the disclosure of project working hours. The high expectations of customers are often linked to the fact that they want to know the status of the project. The export function in timeghost allows you to export the working times you require to Excel or to a CSV file and make them conveniently available to your customer.  

timeghost Export-Feature for it-managers

Budgeting and billing of IT projects – all times are recorded for billing purposes 

If project working times are not recorded, they cannot be billed. Especially project-oriented IT companies often face challenges when it comes to billing projects. Hours are not properly accounted for and no one knows exactly how much they worked on which project. Most of the time, the working time that was actually spent on the project is then not stated. The company, in order to ensure the satisfaction of the customer, prefers to specify fewer hours. This, in turn, affects the project’s revenue or profit.  

Full billing capability with timeghost 

The ability to book project work hours in timeghost as billable or non-billable provides you with a transparent way of dealing with the profitability of your projects. Set hourly rates for your employees and get displayed in timeghost how much income and expenses you had for which project. This is clearly displayed in the timeghost profitability.  


As an IT manager, timeghost gives you many new opportunities to manage your projects more effectively. Your team as well as the customers get a transparent insight into the different projects by recording the working hours. The working hours can be booked with just a few clicks thanks to the automatic recording of your M 365 activities by timeghost.  

As an IT project manager, you can perfectly evaluate your team’s working hours and make adjustments within the project. Within timeghost, you can record your project work hours as billable and thus bill your customers for the full working hours.  

Try our tool 14 days for free. We will show you in a live demo how to use timeghost optimally and how to adapt it to your needs/requirements.  

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