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timeghost meets Outlook Calendar

Natively integrated – perfectly matched

Feed your Feed
The Feed your Feed feature allows you to grant timeghost permission to connect to certain Office 365 apps via Graph API in order to make activities and events trackable in your timeghost feed. For more information on this feature look on our timeghost Feed page.

The Outlook Calendar

For many people working in office, the Outlook App with its three core features is THE essential app they need in order to work efficiently and connect with their co-workers, suppliers or customers. 


Especially the Outlook Calendar is a tool that helps millions of people to coordinate their collaborative efforts and schedule their workday.

Since it’s our goal to make time tracking as convenient and easy as possible and integrate it perfectly to Office 365, it is only logical that we tried to include the Outlook Calendar to timeghost right from the start.


Therefore the Outlook Calendar happened to be our first natively integrated Office 365 app to the timeghost Feed

Outlook Calendar
outlook calendar to timeghost feed

Tracking times directly from your calendar

In order to track the assignments and events from the calendar directly in timeghost, you can find a description further below. 

Besides the native integration you can also set up workflow automations that allow you to synch projects, tasks and buckets that are created in the Outlook Calendar and timeghost. For this you can use one of our connectors for Microsoft Power Automate, Zapier and IFTTT.

Feed Outlook Calendar appointments to your Feed

Native integration in timeghost

Feed your Feed

The Feed your Feed setting allows you to add your Outlook Calendar events directly to timeghost via the Graph API.
Here you can choose to include all Outlook Calendar appointments and events by simply activating it in the menu. 
Please note that you need to have administrator permissions in order to activate the integration. Therefore if you are not the admin of your Office 365 tenant please contact 

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