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timeghost meets Outlook Tasks

Track your times spent on tasks and to-do’s as easy as it gets

Outlook Tasks
Feed your Feed
The Feed your Feed feature allows you to grant timeghost permission to connect to certain Office 365 apps via Graph API in order to make activities and events trackable in your timeghost feed. For more information on this feature look on our timeghost Feed page.
UI - Outlook Tasks

Outlook Tasks

Outlook Tasks is the integrated task management app in Outlook. 

It offers the opportunity for each Outlook user to handle their daily tasks and reminders right and makes Outlook a well-rounded collaboration tool. 

We see timeghost as the perfect time tracking tool addition to the digital work environment of Office 365 and that’s why we decided to include Outlook Tasks as a natively integration to the timeghost Feed

See your completed tasks directly in your Feed


In order to track your tasks from Outlook directly in timeghost, you can find a description further below. 

Besides the native integration you can also set up workflow automations that allow you to synch projects, tasks and buckets that are created in the Outlook Calendar and timeghost. For this you can use one of our connectors for Microsoft Power Automate, Zapier and IFTTT.

Feed Outlook Tasks to your Feed

Native integration in timeghost

Feed your Feed

The Feed your Feed setting allows you to add your Outlook Tasks events directly to timeghost via the Graph API.
Here you can choose to include all completed Outlook Tasks simply activating it in the menu. 
Please note that you need to have administrator permissions in order to activate the integration. Therefore if you are not the admin of your Office 365 tenant please contact the person in charge in order to get the permissions.

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