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Earnings and costs of the project

Profitability of your projects

timeghost will give a quick overview about your projects' profitability.

Team member efficiency

Allocate your team members workforces efficiently by using the performance overview that timeghost offers you.

Get an overview about your KPIs

See the profitability of your workspace in real time.

timeghost Profitability Feature

Project Profitability

Let the Project Profitability show you the income and expenses of whatever project you want to see. Through the filter you can select the project and see its income and expenses both in numbers and in a graph.

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timeghost Profitability Feature

Employee Profitability

Employee profitability is also displayed in the form of a chart, as well as in numbers. Here you can see the income and expenses of the selected employees. You can also use the filter to select employees.

timeghost Profitability Feature

Profitability - Key Performance Indicators

Both the project profitability and the employee profitability provide you with detailed views, which again express the graphical display in numbers. 

In the lower bar you get a more detailed view of the project/employee, which additionally shows the billable and non-billable hours.

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